Real Mom: Meet Surbhi Prapanna, A Mother of Two Girls

Meet Surbhi Prapanna – A Real Mom's Story On Letting Go And Moving On

5 Years Later… I had to let go of my career and I went into depression. Here’s my story. My name is Surbhi Prapanna, and I am now a work-from-home-mom. This story is as real as it can get!

Real Moms Story 72

Meet Kavita Singh – A Real Mom’s Story About Mom Guilt, Healthy Eating Habits And More

Nothing can stop you if you really want to work on your career. I understand that it gets a little difficult when you are a new mom but then that’s when the strong support system comes into the picture. Meet Kavita Singh, founder of Momtastic World.

Real Moms Story 56

Meet Ekta Chawla – A Real Mom’s Story On Growing A Parenting Community

We can’t win every battle. We should let go of small things to take charge of bigger decisions. Let’s read this real mom’s story on chasing her dreams!

Real Moms Story 45

Meet Prisha Lalwani – A Real Mom’s Story on Fixing Yourself First

The first person who needs to be fixed is You-yourself. If you are doing well, the whole family will do well. So, do whatever it takes and fix yourself – fix yourself when you are hurt, fix your pain, fix your stress, fix your aches – fix it!

Real Moms Story 16

Meet Karuna Chauhan – A Real Mom’s Story on Finding Her Superpowers

Ever Since Kenisha was born my life took a full circle. From pursuing my own venture, moving on to blogging and being an influencer, perusing a part-time job which became full time…

Get Rid of Your Financial Headaches 01

4 Ways to Get Rid of Your Financial Headaches

It can be hard to find anything to alleviate the pain that these curve-balls can bring on, but there are ways that you can make your financial struggles a little bit easier.

Indian mom blogs 02

Top 14 Indian Mom Blogs

The super talented new aged millennial Indian moms no longer lag when it comes to blogging. Blogging is no longer a westerner concept. Besides, mom blogs is now a great way to make money while working from home. Blogging

Life lessons I learnt from my child 01

3 Life lessons I learnt from my child

I knew everything there was to know about life, lessons it has to teach. I thought I had learnt all the life lessons, before I had my son. But a short while after my son Harshal turned one, I realized how little I knew about the word called ‘life’.

How to start a mommy blog 03

How to start a mom blog and make money

Get to know the tips about how to start a mommy blog and make money by writing what mothers love to read

Letter to gestating mothers – ‘Relax. Before it gets too real’

Dear gestating-me, you are just a couple of months shy of popping out.

Mum burn out 01

6 Reasons why you are experiencing mom burn out

Being a mom is hard. It is harder than I thought.

Calm yourself as a mother 09

Top 6 awesome ways to calm yourself as a mother

A smiling mom doesn’t mean she is happy and content. You never know what is happening within her. Raising a child is a right test of patience and perseverance.

Child wants to hear from you 04

Top 10 phrases your child wants to hear from you

A positive compliment and appreciation always give a sense of comfort and energy.

letter to my future daughter 04

A letter to my future daughter

To my future daughter, my little darling, there are still a few weeks to go before I see you, but I had thought I’d write a quick letter to you.

Returning to work after a career break 03

Returning to work after a career break – 3 Important mom tips

After having spent over 3 years caring for my little one, I realized it’s time to step out again. Going back to work after a career break can be tough in the current climes. I was already working from home.

mom blog 01

Starting a mom blog – 5 Crucial steps to keep in mind

Blogging is a great way of making money and this trend is slowly picking up in India as well.

mom blogs 15

This is how mom blogs make a difference to a brand

The current year has seen a sudden spurt in the growth of social media apps. You can purchase household and grooming products, clothes and other stuff by sitting in the luxury of your home.

back to work after delivery 01

Confused when you should get back to work after delivery?

Getting back to work after delivery can be challenging in terms of leaving your baby alone in someone else’s supervision and guidance. I was thoroughly confused about when is a right time to get back to work.

full time income as a stay at home mom 01

5 Awesome ways of making a full time income as a stay at home mom

Being a stay-at-home mom has never been easy. Whether you have the family support or not, this is a role, which is filled with barriers, yet without any rewards and paycheck.

India’s top 10 mom groups on Facebook you must join now!

We read somewhere that it takes a village to raise a child. But, this village now is a virtual one.

overcoming mommy guilt 01

Working mom’s guide to overcoming mommy guilt

Very often as a working mom, I get overwhelmed when I get back to the day-care to pick my little one and I see her crying due to some reason or the other.

Lessons motherhood has taught me 01

5 Life lessons motherhood has taught me

As moms, we are always on the lookout for ways to teach our kids or babies various things or nuances of daily lives.

work from home ideas 03

Top 6 work from home ideas for stay at home moms

Post-pregnancy, most mothers, find it difficult to get back to their full time job. Not just that, today, commuting to a workplace is a struggle in itself.

letter to a mom planning to go back to work 02

Letter to a mom who is planning to go back to work

Motherhood can change us in ways we can’t even imagine. Before becoming a mother, I was a full-time PR consultant. At times, working harder to climb up the corporate ladder.

How to make money blogging 04

How to make money blogging – 7 Tips from a SAHM

If you are a writer, who can pen down her thoughts in the digital platform and wish to earn money, blogging’ is the right way.


7 Clever single parenting tips and hacks for daily use

Parenting is hard, and being a single mom makes the stakes even higher. As a single parent, managing everything can be quite a task, with ever-growing emotional as well as physical demands of the kids.


16 Mother quotes she says infinite times a day

Love, happiness, sadness, anger, etc., anything and everything, mothers always express their emotions with an extra edge.


10 Cooking hacks every mother should know

Being a mother and handling hundreds of tasks every day, requires a lot of prior planning of the daily chores.


Traditional gender prediction tips – Are they even true?

When I was pregnant with my first baby, our maid once told me that I was carrying a boy. I laughed it off. I have always thought that most old-wives tales and gender prediction tips are silly!


Single mom parenting – Hardest yet the best thing

Being a mom is the hardest thing on this planet, but I guess God had planned some more struggles in my life.