True meaning of Sacrifice

What is the true meaning of the word ‘Sacrifice‘? Is it an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else which isn’t that important? Well, let’s find out what a mother has to say…Sacrifice 02Rama says: “I used to exclusively breastfeed my baby till about 8 months. That ruined my health to a large extent”

Meera says: “I don’t buy everything I want when I happen to see it. I don’t shop for myself anymore”

Reena says: “I don’t step out anymore. Haven’t met friends in ages. Haven’t had a laugh with them or my own family for so long!”
Neeta says: “I don’t party anymore. Haven’t gone for movies or purchased that pretty dress I saw at the mall the other day”
Neha says: “After 10 long years of an amazing professional life, I quit, chose to become a stay at home mom so I gave up my joy of working and earning money, going out with friends”
Raina says: “I miss a meal each day so my baby can eat”
Vandy says: “I don’t sleep much now. Keep checking on my baby to see if he is comfortable”
Heena says: “I no longer work outside the home. My husband and I spend less time together and I generally don’t get time to myself unless I stay up late”
Sheena says: “Education! Got pregnant while I was still at grad school. Had to leave studies in between”
9 mothers, 9 sacrifices. But, what I purposely didn’t add towards the end of their quotes was this one simple statement each one of them made with a smile:-  

“but I wouldn’t trade it for anything…”

So, dear Mamas, those sleepless nights and the social life that’s gone from our lives, that tiredness and fatigue that we carry with us each day, that feeling of staying at home, day in, day out, while our better halves go out on weekends for a so-called ‘chilling time’.. is it all worth it? Maybe yes, maybe not. I will not say that I’d rather be with my kids all the time. That’s an excuse. Putting my baby on an exclusive breastfeed for 6 long months did no good to me. Holding him tight out of unexplainable motherly instinct did no good to me. Being there for him, watching him sleep, caring for him more than myself, all this is not doing any good to me. And, I must confess that it has been realized to me in a harsh way.
I would rather look at this as being a mother and making the right choices for me and yes, for my child too. If I have given up something or lost a friend or two after becoming a mother then it wasn’t in best interest! But, you see, I had no choice whatsoever. I was made to believe that it was for my child’s safety and our well-being.
So, from now on whatever I shall do will not be a sacrifice. I would rather say.. it’s about being a parent! If you are a genuine one, then you will know what I mean…Sacrifice

What sacrifices have you made for your child?

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5 thoughts on “True meaning of Sacrifice”

  1. Love this! Its so true! My life changed nearly 10 years ago with the imminent arrival of my first child, Lil Man, and again changed further with Lil Princess’s arrival 7 years ago. No, I don’t go out much, no, I don’t spend money on me, no, I still don’t get full nights sleep, but I really wouldn’t change it! Because I DO get hugs on tap! I DO get an abundance of love! I Do get the pride and satisfaction from seeing these two grow into amazing little people and knowing WE made them!!!
    Sacrifice schmacrifice! I’d rather be with them any day!!!!!

    1. Kids change us in so many ways! That’s love. Besides, when they are ready to embark on their own journey, a part of us is sad and the other part just let go of them.. Such a beauty it is..thie relationship is strangely beautiful. I wouldnt want to hold on to him when he is 18, 30 or 45! I will let him explore his world. I will just miss him and breed on the memories we built together.