Tips To Change The Definition Of Influencer Who Becomes Successful

Influencer marketing is growing by leaps and bounds and we know that not just celebs but even you and I as social media influencers are in demand for the companies who want to promote their brand to a wider audience. But being on social media is not just about being famous and getting things for free, you also need the money to pay your bills. So how do you go about the right way to crack a deal with the brand and collaborate with them? How to change the definition of influencer who becomes successful?

Definition of influencer

There is a whole ocean full of micro, macro, and mega influencers and it’s easy to feel lost when you have no floater. But don’t worry, all you need to do is stand out with your content and be committed to your niche. 

How to pitch the brands and change the definition of influencer?

We all know that you can’t swim the first time you take a dive. Likewise, you can’t even expect brands to come knocking at your door as soon as you start your influencer work. But you can up your game by improving the content that you post. Make it real and appealing to your niche. Your audience should connect with your content which would make them engage more on your posts. 

Mostly micro-influencers get caught with the question of how to approach a brand and pitch for a collaboration. Its entire wonderment can be taxing and exhausting while you try to figure out the definition of influencer. But not anymore, as I share some pro tips to ace the game and get your kitty filled with some good brands.

1. Email them, don’t DM

The biggest mistake that a good influencer can make and that which drastically changed the definition of influencer in a retrograde direction is, pitch a brand on DM. Professionalism calls for communication over e-mails and influencers too should follow that. A pitch mail should be brief, 2 to 3 paragraphs at the most which should give a gist about who you are and what you do as an influencer, Why you wish to collaborate with the brand/product, and attach your Media kit which is like your resume which has all the required details about you and mentions the rates/charges for various kind of collaborations. 

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2. Know the brand

It’s important to know the brand and the product that you want to collaborate which should match your core values. You may not want to promote a product that you yourself don’t believe in. And if you have done it in the past, it’s time you drop that idea. 

3. Know your stats

I am talking about your insights, conversion rate, audience age, gender, and demography. This is one thing that the brand looks for from its influencers so it’s important to have all your stats in line and ready before you pitch to the brand. These talk about your audience base and if it does or does not match the brand’s requirement. Because the definition of influencer whom brand would like to collaborate with is relative.

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4. Put your best foot forward

As an influencer, you need to distinguish yourself from the crowd and you need to highlight that in your pitch. If you are good with reels and get great views, mention it. If you are a master of flat lay, mention it. The pitch is your CV for the job. You don’t want to skip out on your skill sets. 

5. Don’t over or under pitch

We want to get the deal, but it doesn’t mean you undermine or over mine your worth just to clear the passage. Remember, if you don’t get the collaboration, someone else will. So be realistic and quote well. Beginners can go for a barter deal till they get a sizable follower count to show as their audience. The other thing that you can do is to get into the circle of influencers in your genre or join influencer communities and understand how others work and what they charge. 

Hansa Kajaria

6. Tap all the mediums

Social media is more than just an Instagram post. We also have IGTV and Reels which are creating a lot of buzz nowadays. Also, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Podcasts, Blogposts, and Pins have their own set of audiences. So, while pitching to the brand, make sure you mention your presence on various platforms. You can also club and pitch for many platforms that you are active on. 

Brands have their own criteria for selecting an influencer to represent them, so don’t lose heart if you don’t hear back. The ocean is huge and there are many brands out there in need of influencers. Don’t just go after big names in the industry. Pitch to small and local business owners as well. It takes time to climb a ladder of success, but we have to take the first small steps to reach the top and have a niche to ourselves thereby changing the definition of influencer who becomes successful. 

By Hansa Kajaria

Winner of Top Mom Bloggers contests conducted by The Champa Tree. She is the founder of mummmatalks. Her article ‘Definition of Influencer who Becomes Successful’, where she tells us how to pitch the brands for collaboration paved the way for her selection.

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