6 Important Tips To Stay Healthy In Rainy Season

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby. -Langston Hughes. What a beautiful quote. Rains bring joy, rains bring happiness! Kids are often and always excited to play the game “Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles” and all sorts of jumping games. After all, it feels so good to get a massive relief from the heatwave. The mesmerizing cloudy sky, greenery all around, and the cool breeze are a few things that we all love about the rainy season. However, we need to be extremely careful during this season as humidity levels are high and this means there are more chances of infections. So, how do we avoid sickness and stay healthy in the rainy season?

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We at TCT want you to enjoy this rainy season without falling sick and this is why we have enlisted 6 important tips to stay healthy in the rainy season. 

1. Vitamin C can work wonders

If you want to keep the cold virus at bay during the rainy season then increase your intake of vitamin C. Try and include oranges, kiwis, cherry, and garlic in your daily diet. They all are known to work well for cold and they even improve immunity.

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2. Take a shower after getting wet in the rain

Though this might sound silly you must take a shower after you get wet in the rain. You can add a few drops of Savlon or Dettol in your bath bucket for eliminating germs. One can also add Potash Alum to the water. What is it, anyway? Well! It’s a double sulfate of aluminum and of an alkaline earth element or ammonium; chemically, an alum is any one of the markedly astringent double salts formed by a combination of sulfate of aluminum, iron, manganese, chromium, or gallium with sulfate of lithium, sodium, potassium, ammonium, cesium, or rubidium; used locally as a styptic.

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3. Sip hot drinks

Nothing is more exciting than enjoying a cup of hot coffee or tea during the rainy season. You can also have hot soup or hot milk to avoid catching a cold. Another great option is an herbal tea, it is packed with minerals and also aids indigestion. Now that’s is really nice.

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4. Maintain cleanliness and hygiene

It is very important that you maintain cleanliness and hygiene during the rainy season. Micro-organisms tend to thrive during the monsoon season, which might leave you with cold. You must wash your hands regularly to avoid any kind of infection. Also, you must keep your nail cuticles in a proper manner to avoid any type of fungal infection during the rainy season. Avoid going near any wet wall as it can again cause infection and get rid of them if you have any at your home. 

5. Avoid street food

We all get tempted to have those piping hot momos or deep-fried cutlets from our local street vendors during the rainy season but you should actually avoid eating street food during this time as it can lead to many infections. You must eat home-cooked fresh food while it is hot to prevent cold and cough.

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6. Get insect repellents

Apart from the cool breeze, the rainy season also brings mosquitoes and other insects. You can use mild insect repellents for yourself and your kids to prevent mosquito bites and other insect bites. Also, use mosquito nets to prevent malaria; which is the most common disease during monsoon season. You must stay away from stagnant water as it is breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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We are sure after reading this piece of information, you will be all geared up to prepare for the rainy season. Go ahead enjoy the lovely weather with your family and stay healthy. 

by Urvashi Newar

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  1. Thanks for reminding the readers to take a shower after getting wet in rain. Though it seems very obvious, yet many tend to forget about it or feel that they will catch a cold if they have a bath after getting drenched in rain. Also, you must wear pure cotton clothes in rainy season to avoid skin problems from your own sweat. As the weather is humid, cotton clothes absorb the sweat easily and protect you from skin rashes.