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The Champa Tree - Our Team
Vaishali Sudan Sharma
Founder & PR Consultant

I am a professional blogger, communication consultant and an avid reader. In my free time, I love to cook healthy meals and share my life experiences. I am a die-hard fan of Nicolas Jaar and I love acid jazz.

The Champa Tree - Our Team
Udita Saklani
Writer & Instagrammer

I am a tech consultant by day and mom to a hyperactive toddler Zuzu by night. Juggling two full-time jobs, taking orders from an MNC on one end, and then from my 5 year-old high command on the other.

The Champa Tree - Our Team
Tasneem Dhinojawala
Writer & Film Maker

I am a documentary film maker based out of Delhi with passion to read, travel and cook. I love to write about my experiences related to what life unfolds for me everyday.

Content Marketer

I am a blogger, author, book reviewer, and a mother. After my masters in Biotechnology and Business Administration, I decided to follow my call of passion through my blogs. With three kids, I’ve had sleepless nights not once but thrice and I love to share my experiences with my readers. Ta da!

Khyatee Sardana
Khyatee Sardana
Business Development

I am a social media junkie, food lover and PR professional with passion for developing strategies for businesses.

Dr. Charu Kalra
Doctor & Writer

I am Dr. Charu Kalra, a paediatrician with over 12 years of expertise taking care of preterm babies to unhealthy adolescents.

Sharanya Munsi
Content Specialist

I am Sharanya, ex-journalist and a successful communications specialist with experience in special stories.

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