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The Champa Tree - Our Team
Vaishali Sudan Sharma
Founder & PR Consultant

A professional blogger, communication consultant and an avid reader. In her free time, she loves to cook healthy meals and share life experiences. She loves acid jazz and is a die-hard fan of Nicolas Jaar.

The Champa Tree - Our Team
Udita Saklani
Writer & Instagrammer

A tech consultant by day and mom to a hyperactive toddler Zuzu by night. Juggles two full-time jobs, taking orders from an MNC on one and, then from her 5 year-old high command on the other.

The Champa Tree - Our Team
Tasneem Dhinojawala
Writer & Film Maker

A documentary film maker based out of Delhi. She likes to read, travel and cook. She loves to write about her experiences related to what life unfolds for her everyday.

The Champa Tree - Our Team
Ankit Mohan
Content Marketer

An administrator by profession, Ankit has been writing as a freelancer to escape mundane routines in life. Likes to strum a few strings in free time and watch movies.

The Champa Tree - Our Team
Radhika Chandika
Writer & Teacher

An experienced teacher, freelance poet and writer from Secunderabad. She loves kids and extends a helping hand when any parent faces parenting challenge.

Dr. Charu Kalra
Doctor & Writer

Dr. Charu Kalra is a paediatrician with over 12 years of expertise taking care of preterm babies to unhealthy adolescents.

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