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Meal Ideas for Children – 10 Frugal and easy to make meal ideas for children

Kids can be a fussy bunch. They might gobble up a particular dish one day, and crinkle up their nose at it on the next. Trust me I know, being a mother to two toddlers.

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Yellow lentil and cracked wheat Khichdi recipe as a wholesome baby food

Learn how to make this extremely healthy food for babies and kids. High on fiber and nutrition, khichdi recipe is easy to make and is one of the most amazing vegetarian recipes for kids!

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2 Quick healthy snacks and easy salad recipes for kids

Check out 2 easy salad recipes that can be served as quick healthy snacks in between meals!

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2 Vegetarian easy healthy snacks recipe for kids

Kids are often looking for food to munch on. And why shouldn’t they? Afterall, they are growing-up and so is their appetite. As a new mother, I would often find myself sticking to a meal-schedule.

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2 Simple and quick healthy breakfast ideas and recipes for kids

Want to serve yummy and healthy breakfast ideas to your little ones? Not a problem at all. Take a look at 2 simple and quick healthy recipes for kids!

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2 Tasty and quick healthy side dish food recipes for kids

Throw away that pack of crisps and frozen chicken nuggets, potato wedges and ready-to-make pasta. Also, please get rid of sodas too. They are all unhealthy foods for your little one.

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2 Nutritious and easy healthy snacks for kids

Snacking and kids go hand-in-hand. But, not all snacks can be healthy. So for that extra energy boost, include a nutritious and a healthy delicious snack in your kid’s daily diet chart.

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2 Fabulous quick healthy recipes for 1 year old kids

Here are 2 fabulous and super quick healthy recipes packed with the nutrients that are helpful in the growth and development of your baby.

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2 Quick and healthy recipes for 6 month old baby

Introducing 2 delicious recipes for 6 month old. These homemade baby food recipes are healthy and easy to make!

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2 Quick and simple homemade soup food recipes for kids

Check out 2 quick, healthy and simple homemade soup recipes for kids. A bowl-full of this wholesome food is sure to keep your child healthy and fit!

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Top 2 quick healthy snack ideas for kids

Folks! A healthy growth-spurt is a sign of a healthy living. And as per my pediatrician, between ages 2-to-10 years, a child usually continues to grow at a steady pace

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2 Simple homemade baby food recipes for kids

Today, I bring to you 2 simple recipes which are based on super-healthy food items. One is a banana custard which can be started as early as the baby turns 6 months and the second one is a beetroot puree.

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Indian sweet food dessert recipe for kids to celebrate V Day!

Take a look at the healthiest Indian food dessert for kids. Learn the recipe for a yummy Valentines Day treat which can also become a quick baby food!

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2 Homemade easy dessert recipes for kids

TCT brings to you delicious homemade easy dessert recipes for kids. Check out these easy to make recipes and enjoy the meal with your little one! Who says desserts for kids are all bad? You can make yummy easy dessert for your kids/toddlers that is as nutritious as the meal. TCT would like to share two healthy and easy…

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2 super tasty quick healthy recipes for your baby

TCT brings to you 2 nutritious and tasty homemade baby food recipes for your 9-to-12 months old.. Introducing new flavors and different type of solid foods to your baby food diet after 6 months is a good idea. I started at around 5+ months and even though Brat H has been introduced to a few…

Introducing Semi Solid Diet to your Infant 05

Introducing semi solid baby food diet to your infant

Hello people! My last post was all about how to introduce and engage your kid to eat semi-solids (SS). In this post, I would like to discuss the kind of meals that can be introduced when you put your child on a SS diet.