Top 17 summer wear clothes for newborn babies

Is your little one a summer baby? Did you deliver at the beginning of summer months? Well! If yes, then this post is extremely useful for you. Rising temperature and exposure to sun’s harmful rays can result in overheating and skin damage. The key to keeping your baby healthy, happy and safe during summer months is by maintaining a balance between coverage and cool clothing.

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Wow Kiddiez! is here. An ultimate solution to childcare services

WOW Kiddiez! is a focused on-site premium learning and childcare services provider. They develop and manage customized best-in-class employer-sponsored early childhood education and daycare centers. Their learning philosophy is based on emergent curriculum, that builds upon the interests of children and where the child learns through experiences in and around one’s learning space.

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Holi safety tips for kids

Holi is synonymous with fun, excitement and a whole lot of playful activities, especially for children. They are at their chirpiest best and eagerly wait to use their pichkaris and splash water and colors on everyone. For kids above five years of age the following are some of the key safety measures that you should take note of.

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