4 Tips To Relieve Teething Blues

Lately, my infant has been experiencing a tough phase. At just seven months old, he’s enduring the challenges of teething. He clenches his gums, eagerly seeking relief by putting anything he can find into his mouth, and now the drooling has started. It’s especially difficult to calm him down, particularly in the evenings when he becomes noticeably irritable. To ease his discomfort, I provide gentle massages. Despite these challenges, I’m confident that this phase will pass soon. I’m eagerly anticipating capturing precious photos of his toothy smiles.

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Teething stages in babies:

Babies can get their first set of teeth anytime between 6 months to a year. I know the window-period is long but it is also normal for teething to start as early as 3 months or as late as 12 months! Besides, I have been told that the lower front set of teeth usually appear first as compared to upper front teeth which can be delayed by 1-2 months. Now, can’t say for sure if it’s a myth since my son (brat H aka Harshal) has been showing teething signs on the upper front!

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Although teething affects many babies, some may exhibit increased fussiness during feeding. This is often due to gum swelling, as they prepare to welcome their new pearly whites. The swelling and discomfort can be likened to the climax of this teething phase! Typically occurring 3 to 5 days before the tooth emerges, these symptoms usually subside once the tooth breaks through the gum line. If your baby is between 3 to 6 months old and hasn’t yet cut their first tooth, but displays behaviors such as pressing gums with fingers, rubbing ears, experiencing sleepless nights (due to discomfort from tight gums), refusing to eat or drink, having red cheeks or face, and excessive drooling, it’s a sign that their adorable little face is gearing up to reveal a delightful toothy smile :). However, if the symptoms are severe, consulting a pediatrician is advisable.

4 Tips to help your baby during the teething blues:

Here are 4 super tips that have helped my baby feel better during his teething phase. Thankfully, we shall soon be saying goodbye to our teething blues!

#Tip 1 – Massage baby’s gums

Use a clean finger/cold baby washcloth/cold round edge of spoon/cold teething ring (such as solid or liquid-filled teether) to massage baby’s gums. Keep in mind that the objects should be cold and not frozen as it will stick! The counter-pressure will soothe the pain and the baby will get temporary relief. Massage for a minute or two and repeat this 2 – 3 times per day. Teething blues 04

#Tip 2 – Objects to gnaw

Give your baby safe objects to gnaw on such as teething rings, silicone teether, soft teething toy, rubber teether, or cold washcloth (dipped in water or breast milk). Always pick high-quality toys specially designed for babies that are made from 100% natural rubber and are chemical-free. 

#Tip 3 – Chilled fruits

If your baby has started taking solids you can also feed your baby chilled fruits, like banana or apple slices. Place one slide inside a mesh feeder and the baby can chew it. It will not only provide relief but will also fill up his tummy. In fact, you can also try carrot sticks for him/her to chew on. My son loves it!

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#Tip 4 – Homoeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic treatments are also effective in addressing teething discomfort to a considerable degree. Homeopathic teething drops and tablets are readily available for this purpose. While this approach may not be as widely recognized as over-the-counter medications, consulting your baby’s doctor can help determine if it’s suitable for your little one. Personally, I began using homeopathy at 6 months, albeit later than recommended, as homeopathic remedies often require some time to manifest their effects. Nonetheless, I’m pleased with the outcomes I’ve observed.

Above all, don’t panic or feel irritable. Do understand the pain your baby must be going through. He/She needs to feel loved. So, go to any length to provide him/her with all the comfort you can. A gentle massage at night, warm hugs, and gorgeous cuddles, such beautiful mother’s remedies can beat the hell out of silly teething blues!

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