What is muslin and why do babies love it?

How to take care of a baby after birth? What’s the best fabric for my baby? With which cloth should I wrap the baby? What to use if I have to clean my baby’s tongue or face? Which is the most soothing fabric to protect the baby from scorching summer heat? Well! These questions haunt each and every mother. After birth, the baby’s hygiene is the main concern of any parent. That’s why it’s important to know what are the best baby clothes available out there in the market and what kind of fabric is going to be the most comfortable one for your newborn baby’s skin. Today, The Champa Tree shares with you some of the most relevant information on a fabric called muslin. It isn’t just used to prepare cottage cheese or hung curd at home.

Let’s find out a lot more about this beautiful fabric! 

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What is Muslin?

Muslin is a fine cotton fabric that is available in a wide range of weights and thicknesses. It is said to be the softest and the purest fabrics in the world. Believed to have originated decades ago, the fabric got its name from an Indian port called Maisolos. In the early days, people in Dhaka (in Bangladesh) would hand-weave it from a delicate hand-spun yarn. Women (actually caregivers and midwives) would use this fabric to wrap a newborn baby.

Why Muslin for babies?

The fabric is ultra-soft and soothing, ideal for your baby’s soft baby. The delicate but durable weave of this magic fabric with ultimate stretchiness makes it perfect for swaddling. If you are an anti-diaper person, then this is the fabric you got to use for your DIY nappies. The basic white or natural cotton muslin can be used as a washcloth, comforter, sleep sack, or a bedding sheet to protect your baby from soaring high temperatures.

So, all in all, a muslin fabric is:

1. Natural/Simple/Pure Cotton

2. Breathable (due to its natural open weave), So does not let baby get overheated but still keeps the little one cozy

3. Natural stretchiness

4. All-weather fabric

5. Durable, gets softer with each wash, lasts countless washes (although it fades with time, that’s the nature of the material).

How popular is Muslin?

According to celebrity and lifestyle magazine- Hello, “Kate Middleton stepped out onto the hospital steps to introduce Prince George to the world, it soon became clear that the “Kate effect” extended to her newborn baby. The bird-print muslin in which George was swaddled, by baby brand Aden + Anais, sold out within four hours of his appearance. The company’s website crashed and it experienced a 600 percent increase in sales on that item alone.”

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According to the magazine, there are many other celebrities who are not just in love with the brand, but they are overall in love with this magical baby comforter muslin. Sienna Miller, Beyoncé, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Garner, Hilary Duff, and Sandra Bullock to name a few. Jessica Alba, Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, and Khloe Kardashian have also covered their little babies in one of their muslin swaddles. To use muslin for babies has become a big trend in the US!

Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan wrapped their newborn baby girl Maxima in a muslin swaddle cloth. According to Daily Mail, “The proud new parents tenderly holding their newborn wrapped in an Aden + Anais swaddle cloth covered in cartoon caterpillars.

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Which baby clothing/accessory is a must in soft muslin fabric?

1. Baby Sleep Wrap Swaddle

2. Burp Cloth and Bibs

3. Wash Cloth

4. Nursing Cover

5. Sunshade

6. All Season Blanket

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  1. Hello! I have seen in social media most celebrities use muslin wash cloth for their baby and, from there I thought I have to check it out and now I have gone through your article and found that these are really good for my baby as well, it will surely save my baby from rashes which is very dangerous for me as a mother.