Baby Milestones At 1 Month – What To Expect

Motherhood is a unique journey. No babies are the same. Hence different mothers will have different concerns about their babies. Baby milestones have been scrutinized so much that mothers will have to deal with the pressure of why my baby is not attaining these milestones. But no one will tell you what exactly are the milestones your baby can /must reach. Both are different arent they?

Baby milestones for a 1-month-old baby:Baby Milestones at 1 month 02

I am sure every mother is curious about her baby milestones week by week. When your baby is a month old, here are some of the activities mothers can expect from babies at one month:

1. Response to sounds

Some babies have very strong reflexes so they usually tend to have some kind of a response to light sounds as well. Getting started is also pretty normal and they also tend to over-recognize certain specific sounds.

2. Head flops

If the neck is not supported (which should NEVER be the case), the head flops backward. Make sure that you are doing it right with how you hold your newborn.

3. Head movement

Moves head from side to side while lying on the stomach.

4. Staring around

Yes, newborn baby eyes will start staring at familiar and unknown faces.

 Baby Milestones at 1 month 03

5. Getting attracted to patterns

Newborn baby eyes tend to stare at black & white or high contrast patterns and they really love it! So encourage them by extending toys in such colors and patterns.

6. The concept of following

Some babies follow objects and sounds.

7. Familiarization with the smell of mother’s breast milk

That’s correct! Babies also develop olfactics which means communicative actions associated with the sense of smell. Particularly towards sweet smell and mom’s milk.


Disclaimer: Each baby is different from the other in terms of development mileposts. Don’t panic if your new born baby hasn’t shown all of the above one-month-markers. However, do speak to your pediatrician if he/she hasn’t achieved even one of these indicators.

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