Unknown Facts Of Postpartum Depression In New Mothers

Postpartum depression has long been misunderstood- and misdiagnosed- but that seems to be changing. Many more women are talking about their own experiences in the hopes of helping other women, and many more doctors are learning to recognize and take seriously the signs. Even still, the problem remains serious. That’s because 1 in 7 women suffer from it- but only 15 percent are treated for it. Postpartum depression in new mothers is nothing unusual. However, not recognizing the symptoms and living in denial is not uncommon.

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There is a constellation of signs that can help caregivers and loved ones alike learn to recognize if new mothers are struggling. Those include anxiety, sadness, difficulties with sleep, and lack of connection, among others.

My Advice To A Stay-At-Home Mom Who Is In Depression

Because of the danger to the mother, and to her child or children, it’s important to get women the help they need when postpartum depression strikes. Professional help, help at home, and self-care are all incredibly important for women. This helpful infographic explains postpartum depression and what women and loved ones can do to save themselves from it.Postpartum depression in new mothers 02

Recognize these 7 signs and symptoms of postpartum depression:

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All these signs can be unexplained, strike a new mother at any given time, can come unexpected (without any warning), and may have a devastating effect on her and the family!

1. Irritation, anger, or rage

2. Overwhelm

3. Lack of connection

4. Sadness

5. Sleep problems

6. Lack of concentration

7. Anxiety

Things you can do to deal better with it:

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1. Better sleep can improve postpartum depression

2. Stop putting pressure on yourself

3. Focus on getting to know your baby

4. Maternity leave doesn’t mean you have to tackle house projects

5. Seek professional help

6. Ask for help at home

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5 thoughts on “Unknown Facts Of Postpartum Depression In New Mothers”

  1. My cousin had a terrible time dealing with it and she doesn’t want to get pregnant again . She had panic attacks very often , she couldn’t sleep and she couldn’t nurse her child either

  2. I went through post-partum depression after I gave birth to my second child. To this day, I still feel guilty for sometimes taking my rage out on my eldest. And that is exactly the reason why I never want to get pregnant again. Coz I don’t want either of my kids to suffer from the mood swings, the irritability, the uncontrollable rage, the unexplainable sadness.