5 Critical symptoms in children you cannot overlook

Folks! Find out about the 5 critical symptoms in children which often get overlooked but shouldn’t at the cost of their health!

Here is part II of our “symptoms in children” series. In our previous post about 6 serious symptoms in children that you can’t ignore, we discussed at length about viral fever and when exactly should you press the panic button. In this post, we will share 5 more symptoms in children that should be taken seriously. Sometimes, worrying over a simple bout of cough can be useless and at times ignoring a birthmark can prove dangerous. But, it is always better to be cautious and seek urgent medical help when you’re worried about something. Now, I am listing down some of the most critical symptoms in children that can mean poor health and require medical intervention on immediate basis.Symptoms in children 01

Symptom #1: Rash (particularly tiny red dots or bull’s eye shape): A rash that doesn’t disappear when you press the skin could be a sign of concern. A ring-shaped rash could be a skin infection caused by bacteria usually transmitted through ticks. Any unexplained, widespread bruise could be a sign of a possible blood disorder. A discolored skin rash, which is slightly raised above the skin level could be an allergic reaction. If your child also has fever, headache, nausea along with these rashes, do take the child to the pediatrician on immediate basis. Hand and mouth fever symptoms could be pretty similar to the ones mentioned above but it’s not as bad and happens to be a pretty common viral infection in children.Symptoms in children 02

Symptom #2: Stomach ache: Frequent stomach aches in children could be a sure shot sign of appendicitis. However, abdominal cramps or a stomach ache is also caused by constipation, gas, swallowing lot of air in babies, UTI (urinary tract infection), Gall stones, ulcerative colitis, hernia, and a possible food reaction. Therefore, what becomes important for a parent is to identify the real cause of a stomach ache and accordingly take an action. If it’s is extremely frequent, lasts for more than a day without any of the above stated reasons, then it could be an early Appendicitis warning which is definitely a very difficult condition in children. If you notice Appendicitis like symptoms, call your children doctor immediately. Appendicitis progresses quickly and it’s most effectively treated if caught at an early stage.Symptoms in children 03

Symptom #3: Migraine: Just like adults, if the child is suffering from frequent headaches that occur when exposed to light in the early morning or makes him extremely uncomfortable during midnight sleep, often accompanied by vomiting, could be signs of a migraine. Your children doctor can discuss early treatment with you. This condition isn’t an alarming one and migraines often run in families. However, morning and middle-of-the-night head aches can also be a symptom of something more critical. That’s why it is recommended to not try any home remedies and instead show the child to the doctor as soon as you have identified the symptom.Symptoms in children 04

Symptom #4: Nausea or vomiting after falling: It would be unfair to say that no baby under 6 months of age has ever fallen from the bed or a couch. However, right after the fall if you see the child vomiting, in a state of confusion or loss of consciousness, or any damage to the body, show him/her to the children doctor without any delay. In most cases, a doctor recommends a MRI to see any neurological changes in the brain activity. These emergency situations must be addressed in any case. Falls are generally not an area of concern if a toddler only falls the distance of his/her height and doesn’t land on anything hard or sharp.Symptoms in children 05

Symptom #5: Bleeding that isn’t stopping: A cut or a fresh wound that is spread over a large area and doesn’t stop bleeding within a few minutes of applied pressure. These are signs that your child needs immediate medical attention- perhaps stitches, skin glue, or staples. Besides, as a parent you should also always keep a check on your baby’s body on regular basis. Examine it during the bath time. Observe even a minor animal bite or a child bite. Infact, do also examine the private areas and be warned if you see anything unusual and worth reporting to your children doctor.Symptoms in children 06

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