Baby Milestones At 2 Months

In my previous blog post, I delved into the fascinating world of baby milestones at one month. Through this exploration, we discovered the importance of managing expectations and recognizing that expecting too much progress from a newborn is unrealistic. However, as your little one crosses the threshold into their second month of life, a whole new chapter of development unfolds before your eyes.

Indeed, the transition from the first month to the second is marked by significant changes and milestones. While the initial month may have been a period of adaptation and settling into routines, the second month heralds the beginning of more noticeable transformations. As a parent, it’s crucial to maintain a balanced perspective and not place undue pressure on your baby to meet unrealistic expectations.

So, what exactly are the milestones you can anticipate as your baby reaches the two-month mark? Let’s explore these key developmental landmarks together, gaining insights into the incredible journey of growth and discovery that awaits your little one.

List of 2 months old baby milestones:

Baby milestones at 2 months 03

Now that the new-born stage is over, here is what is expected from a two-month-old baby of yours…

1. Head movement 

Head movement becomes increasingly steady while lying on the stomach.

2. Strong reflexes

Strong reflexes at this stage often translate to increased sucking power, leading babies to instinctively reach for their fist or a few fingers to soothe themselves. This behavior, known as hand-to-mouth reflex, is a natural and important part of infant development.

2-month-old baby milestones

3. Attraction towards colorful objects, geometrical patterns is stronger

The allure of vibrant hues and captivating geometrical patterns holds a stronger grip on your baby’s attention during this developmental stage. You’ll notice their eagerness as they reach out, attempting to grasp at the colorful wonders that surround them. Don’t fret if their tiny fingers struggle to maintain a firm hold, even for the briefest moment. This is all part of their exploration and learning process, as they acquaint themselves with the world through sensory experiences.

4. Change in the sleeping pattern

Sleep gets regulated from now on but again don’t panic if he/she isn’t sleeping for 15 hours. A good 11-12 hours’ sleep (sporadic) is also alright for the baby’s development. Besides, breastfed babies will wake moms up at least twice or thrice during the night.

2-month-old baby milestones

5. Vision length and hearing is improving

The baby can see your face while you feed him/her. Also enjoys listening to mom’s voice. Therefore, try and engage them in a little chit-chat for they can respond in their own sweet ways. Social smile isn’t quite there but you might see the end of his/her lips breaking into a smile and ya, cries are obviously going to be louder but you will have to figure a way to soothe your child. It could be a lullaby or pat on the back.

2-month-old baby milestones

Disclaimer: Each baby is different from the other in terms of developmental mileposts. Don’t panic if your baby hasn’t shown all of the above two-month-markers. However, do speak to your pediatrician if he/she hasn’t achieved even one of these indicators.

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