Real Moms Story 81

Meet Niyati Sharma – A Real Mom’s Story On Being So Damn ‘Real’

Don’t stress about weight, career and life plans. Take each day as it comes. Don’t try and be the ‘best’ Mom. Be a ‘happy’ Mom. Don’t do things to impress others. Choose to be THAT parent that you always wanted your own parents to be. Talk to people if you need help. Most importantly – you are and will always be more than ‘just a Mom’.

A better mom 01

I’m A Better Mom To Two Kids Than I Was To One

My first wobbly steps into motherhood taught me to trust my gut, and I am certain both my children will benefit from having a mother who does.

Real Moms Story 77

Meet Swati Gupta – A Real Mom’s Story On Teaching Life Lessons To Her Son Every Single Day

“Though, I am still learning and trying my best. However, just one tip to all the moms- make your child your friend, share your thoughts, your day spent and you will gradually see the results that your child will also start sharing his/her feelings. Do not judge your child and have trust in them”, says Kavita in our Real Moms Stories

Real Moms Story 72

Meet Kavita Singh – A Real Mom’s Story About Mom Guilt, Healthy Eating Habits And More

Nothing can stop you if you really want to work on your career. I understand that it gets a little difficult when you are a new mom but then that’s when the strong support system comes into the picture. Meet Kavita Singh, founder of Momtastic World.

Real Moms Story 71

Meet Palak Jain – A Real Mom’s Story On The Perks Of Being A SAHM

“It is also important to have a united front when questions pop-up and the child knows that parents are of the same mind and cannot be played against each other”, says Palak Jain, who dons multiple roles. Palak was a flight attendant before joining an animation studio as the Executive Producer. Currently, working as a stay-at-home-mom.

Real Moms Story 69

Meet Robin Lloyd – A Real Mom’s Story On The Willingness To Change And Learn

Being willing to change and learn, when I think I have it figured out I don’t always. But I try to put them first whenever possible and when it is not possible I try to not feel too guilty and remind myself I’m doing my best!

Real Moms Story 62

Meet Jhilmil – A Real Mom’s Story From Being A Working Professional To Her Journey As A SAHM

A mom, who makes lots of mistakes, accepts it and moves on for a better tomorrow is a ‘real’ mom. I can never be perfect and I accept with pride and dignity. I don’t want to kill the real person by aiming to be ‘perfect’

Real Moms Story 57

Meet Charu Sareen – A Real Mom’s Story On Donning Multiple Roles As A WFH Mother Of Twins

There is no concept such as ‘being a perfect mom’. Each mom learns through her own journey, experience, and mistakes. Motherhood is a journey, really. It’s about exploring and recognizing your strengths (more than weaknesses). An evolving version- that’s what motherhood is!

Future Prime Minister 01

“Dear Future Prime Minister”, Letter From A Real Mom

But my dear Future Prime Minister, as a mother I have my own concerns and this is what I hope from you, irrespective of whichever political party you belong to. I do not care if you come from the right wing or the left wing.

I didn't use my voting rights for years 01

I didn’t use my voting rights for years. Am I ashamed?

I didn’t use my voting rights for years. I moved out of my hometown for studies once I turned 18, and as a student for the next 5 years had no documents and proofs of residence required to get myself registered as a voter. Am I ashamed?

Real Moms Story 56

Meet Ekta Chawla – A Real Mom’s Story On Growing A Parenting Community

We can’t win every battle. We should let go of small things to take charge of bigger decisions. Let’s read this real mom’s story on chasing her dreams!

You are Perfect, Mom

Dear mum, your body has undergone many changes in the months leading to childbirth. That miracle you so lovingly hold in your arms every day is a result of that dramatic change.

real moms story 53

Meet Shalu Sharma – A Real Mom’s Story on Sharing Responsibilities

I rely a lot on my cook, my maid, the daycare and the school to be able to devote my time at work and lead a happy, fulfilling life. I do not believe that responsibility of raising a child is solely on a mother.

Real Moms Story 47

Meet Ghazala Yasmin – A Real Mom’s Story on Guiltfree Parenting

I try to overcome my guilt by devoting quality time to kids over weekends, going out for movies and dinner or even a long drive for some street side food and ice-cream. 

Real Moms Story 45

Meet Prisha Lalwani – A Real Mom’s Story on Fixing Yourself First

The first person who needs to be fixed is You-yourself. If you are doing well, the whole family will do well. So, do whatever it takes and fix yourself – fix yourself when you are hurt, fix your pain, fix your stress, fix your aches – fix it!

Real Moms Story 37

Meet Sonali Tandon – A Real Mom’s Story on Ambiguous Perfection

In our Real Moms- Real Stories column, Meet a young designer, a marketing consultant and a mom of to a 3-year-old boy who juggles work, marriage and childrearing Don’t tell your child that it’s tough out there. Don’t get him to compete with others just because it’s about ‘survival of the fittest’. ‘To win at all…

Real Moms Story 36

Meet Upasana Luthra – A Real Mom’s Story on Being Resilient

In our Real Moms – Real Stories column, Meet renowned mompreneur, Gurgaon-based Upasana Luthra, mom to two teenagers. Read on to know her beautiful story on raising a special needs child who is on the spectrum of Aspergers The most challenging part is the satisfaction in knowing you have done enough and erasing self-doubt. Most…

Real Moms Story 31

Meet Saakshi Kapoor – A Real Mom’s Story on being imperfect yet real

Gratitude is something I practice and so even though life sucks sometimes, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Real Moms Story 23

Meet Usri Sen – A Real Mom’s Story on Her Journey to Recovery

Everything was just fine until the baby popped out, I took extra months as leave and joined back post 8 months. It was quite a rude shock when I went back, the battle was to prove my mettle all over again. Fourteen years of experience seemed to have disappeared, I was being questioned and cornered like I was an intern.

Real Moms Story 21

Meet Minakshi Singh – A Real Mom’s Story on Having it All Under Control

Minakshi Singh, married for the past 6 years, and mother of an active toddler boy (Viraj) aged 2 years and 3 months, is successfully running two bars in Delhi-NCR. With fabulous joint family support, Singh could pursue her dream of being a part of F & B business.

Real Moms Story 16

Meet Karuna Chauhan – A Real Mom’s Story on Finding Her Superpowers

Ever Since Kenisha was born my life took a full circle. From pursuing my own venture, moving on to blogging and being an influencer, perusing a part-time job which became full time…

Real Moms Story 09

Meet Nayana Chowdhury – A Real Mom’s Story on Changing the Face of Parenting

I think nobody can balance, it’s a myth, its an unrealistic standard people are held up against, some days you will do more housework some days more office work.

Real moms story 08

Meet Jaya Bhattacharji Rose – A real mom’s story on negotiating her way through parenting

Jaya Bhattacharji Rose, mother to a seven-year-old girl is an an international publishing consultant, and a full-time caregiver of a paralyzed mother-in-law.

Real moms story 05

Meet Aarti Singh – A real mom’s story on balanced parenting

Aarti K. Singh is a work-from-home mother and a research scholar (Yes! she dared to pursue a Ph.D. with a young child). They have a 9-year-old boy. She and her son and lives with her foster parents.

breastfeeding pictures 08

Top 15 powerful breastfeeding pictures of celebrity moms

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural processes of our lives. Yet there is such a taboo about doing it out in open.