Curiosity Kids – A Real Mom Initiative To Make Science Fun

In the series of Real Mom, we bring to you real stories of moms who set a new benchmark in motherhood. Meet Stuti Sharma who quit her full-time job went on her dream mission to solve the curiosity of little minds and make science fun.

Real Mom Stuti Sharma:

During my journey of raising kids, I saw a demand for hands-on, engaging, and informative scientific experiment programmes. Curiosity Kids was started by me 5 years ago to foster the natural curiosity of my own children. Prior to joining Curiosity Kids, I was working in financial services and human resources in Hong Kong, Singapore, and India for fifteen years and finally chose to settle down in Singapore. After quitting my full-time work in 2016, I co-founded Curiosity Kids because I’m passionate about coming up with new ways to engage young minds.

Make science fun - Curiousity Kids
Real Mom Stuti Sharma

Being a dreamer and having the passion to work for them is something I have always looked upon despite the hardships on the way to the goal of fulfilling all of my dreams. To dream high you need a support system and for me, it has always been my family. I enjoy spending time with my family as they give me the strength to achieve all I desire. and I love chocolates

The curious minds behind Curiosity Kids:

Our kids have the most innocent yet challenging questions to ask. It takes simple logical reasoning to put a full stop to their question mark. When my children would ask questions such as, “Why can I not fly like a plane?”…”Why can I not push an elephant?” etc. I realised at the young age of three they are keen to learn and that’s the time we should help them explore answers to their questions using simple concepts of science.

I wanted to answer their questions when they asked because they intrigued me equally to get through them. We have designed simple and fun experiments to learn and explore science. This early exposure to science in a hands-on manner makes learning effective and fun. It also helps create a positive mindset towards “Science” as a subject! Curiosity Kids offers practical and entertaining scientific experiment sessions to help children develop the habit of noticing and exploring the world around them.

The golden rule to parenting:

Through this journey of motherhood, I have learned a lot. But most importantly, always remember you are the parent! Parenting offers you a chance to learn through experience that you gain on a daily basis. According to me, giving your children enough freedom and independence can build trust and lay a strong foundation for your relationship with children.

To be their friend is the most important part. They tend to share more and understand your point of view in a better format. But you should also know where and how to correct them. They need to be guided when they make mistakes and it’s very important to have that balance.

Motherhood journey of a working mom:

We tend to glorify motherhood a lot and that tends to put additional pressure or mental load of motherhood on a mum. They say it takes a village to raise a baby. I was lucky that I had the full support of my husband in raising our children. He is an extremely hands-on father and always helped in every way. He has in fact been a more involved parent and much more than I am. His support always gave me the confidence to keep working on my dreams! My parents supported me in my early days of motherhood by physically being with me, taking care of my young babies as I worked full time. It too gave me the strength and support any new mother would need.

Real Mom Stuti Sharma
Real Mom Stuti Sharma

My journey as a working mom has been a ride of Sturm und Drang. I have always been a full time working mom, it’s challenging but I believe it also helped me from the point of view of motherhood. Working kept my focus on what I was as an individual, what I wanted to do. I feel motherhood doesn’t mean your life is all about your child! You should keep your dreams, your aspirations in mind always.

I will want my children too to find and explore their passion. I hope they remain curious and willing to always learn. Following your passion can give them true happiness and satisfaction. Rest, I am always standing by their side to gently remind them of the potential their curious minds have to achieve everything and anything they are willing to. 

Author: Vaishali Sudan Sharma

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  1. I agree with Stuti that kids are born curious. And we should encourage their curiosity. Thats the perfect way of learning. Best wishes to Stuti.

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  8. I agree with Stuti that kids are born curious. And we should encourage their curiosity. Thats the perfect way of learning. Best wishes to Stuti.

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