Running a Small Business From Home 01

4 Tips for Running a Small Business From Home

Even though the world is slowly turning to having both parents working, there are still plenty of mothers out there who give up their careers in order to stay home and raise the children.

Only Need Me Time

Moms Don’t only Need ‘Me Time’ – They Need Help

So, do women really need just the ‘me time’ or they need ‘me time’ plus some help and support to be able to enjoy that so-called ‘me time’. Here are six reasons why just ‘me time’ alone is not enough.

Real Moms Story 57

Meet Charu Sareen – A Real Mom’s Story On Donning Multiple Roles As A WFH Mother Of Twins

There is no concept such as ‘being a perfect mom’. Each mom learns through her own journey, experience, and mistakes. Motherhood is a journey, really. It’s about exploring and recognizing your strengths (more than weaknesses). An evolving version- that’s what motherhood is!

Leadership Lessons 01

Leadership Lessons From Top 10 Mom Leaders Across The World

A mother’s sense of her own identity and imagery is often consumed by her role as a mom. Here are 10 great moms leaders who can inspire our parenting styles for the best!

Skin Pranayam For Busy Moms 03

Skin Pranayam For Busy Moms

by Swati Mehra Let me let you in on a beauty secret! I have discovered an ultimate skin pranayam regime for myself all you busy moms out there. Read on and follow my suggestions! Mom life is a busy life. That ‘me time’ that you need can easily be hijacked by those little eyes demanding…

real moms story 53

Meet Shalu Sharma – A Real Mom’s Story on Sharing Responsibilities

I rely a lot on my cook, my maid, the daycare and the school to be able to devote my time at work and lead a happy, fulfilling life. I do not believe that responsibility of raising a child is solely on a mother.

Real Moms Story 47

Meet Ghazala Yasmin – A Real Mom’s Story on Guiltfree Parenting

I try to overcome my guilt by devoting quality time to kids over weekends, going out for movies and dinner or even a long drive for some street side food and ice-cream. 

Real Moms Story 37

Meet Sonali Tandon – A Real Mom’s Story on Ambiguous Perfection

In our Real Moms- Real Stories column, Meet a young designer, a marketing consultant and a mom of to a 3-year-old boy who juggles work, marriage and childrearing Don’t tell your child that it’s tough out there. Don’t get him to compete with others just because it’s about ‘survival of the fittest’. ‘To win at all…

Real Moms Story 31

Meet Saakshi Kapoor – A Real Mom’s Story on being imperfect yet real

Gratitude is something I practice and so even though life sucks sometimes, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Keto Diet for Busy Moms 02

Keto Diet for Busy Moms

Can all this extra work that’s put into a health-promoting diet fit into a busy mom’s schedule? You betcha! Follow these tips if you’re a tied-up mom who wants to live a low-carb lifestyle.

Real Moms Story 23

Meet Usri Sen – A Real Mom’s Story on Her Journey to Recovery

Everything was just fine until the baby popped out, I took extra months as leave and joined back post 8 months. It was quite a rude shock when I went back, the battle was to prove my mettle all over again. Fourteen years of experience seemed to have disappeared, I was being questioned and cornered like I was an intern.

Real Moms Story 21

Meet Minakshi Singh – A Real Mom’s Story on Having it All Under Control

Minakshi Singh, married for the past 6 years, and mother of an active toddler boy (Viraj) aged 2 years and 3 months, is successfully running two bars in Delhi-NCR. With fabulous joint family support, Singh could pursue her dream of being a part of F & B business.

Real Moms Story 09

Meet Nayana Chowdhury – A Real Mom’s Story on Changing the Face of Parenting

I think nobody can balance, it’s a myth, its an unrealistic standard people are held up against, some days you will do more housework some days more office work.

5 Time-saving Winter Car Cleaning Hacks for Busy Moms

Most of the time, cars not only are a means of transport but a home in itself. For an independent working mother, where is the time, to clean up.

Winter fashion trends 12

Top 10 Winter Fashion Trends for Moms On the Go

Being a mom doesn’t mean that one has to be out of fashion and layer-up during winter season. Today’s millennial moms are at par with everything.

How to leave work on time 04

Dear working mom – Here is how to leave work on time

This is a feature specially dedicated to all the working mothers who strive hard to balance their personal and professional lives.

summer fashion trends 23

10 Summer fashion trends of 2018 for trendy moms

It is difficult to look chic and trendy when you are managing kids, but being on top of trends will be easy by the time you finish reading our post.

How qualified housewives are revolutionizing education 04

How qualified housewives are revolutionizing education industry through Planet Spark

One thing which I can say with certainty is that our parents have brought us up to great expectations. And for this, they have spared no expense.

Not all mothers are good cooks 03

Not all mothers are good cooks – And it’s not a big deal

Do I have to be a good cook, if I am a mom? Or I can be a good mom only if I cook well? As an 80’s kid and being brought up in a metropolitan city, I often wonder that.

Returning to work after a career break 03

Returning to work after a career break – 3 Important mom tips

After having spent over 3 years caring for my little one, I realized it’s time to step out again. Going back to work after a career break can be tough in the current climes. I was already working from home.

mom blog 01

Starting a mom blog – 5 Crucial steps to keep in mind

Blogging is a great way of making money and this trend is slowly picking up in India as well.

mom blogs 15

This is how mom blogs make a difference to a brand

The current year has seen a sudden spurt in the growth of social media apps. You can purchase household and grooming products, clothes and other stuff by sitting in the luxury of your home.

This is how mommy war starts 04

This is how mommy war starts

You might be wondering as to what is the relation between digital era and mom wars.

Life of work at home moms 07

Life of work at home moms – The good and the bad side of it

It’s ben close to three-years working as a WAHM. It all started on a fine day when the little one turned 3 months old.

back to work after delivery 01

Confused when you should get back to work after delivery?

Getting back to work after delivery can be challenging in terms of leaving your baby alone in someone else’s supervision and guidance. I was thoroughly confused about when is a right time to get back to work.

online jobs for stay at home moms 03

Top 6 online jobs for stay at home moms with a noisy house

A home is noisy and clustered when you have children playing around. You cannot control your children remain silent throughout the day.