Meet Meghalee Nath – A Real Mom’s Story On Bringing A New Perspective To Parenthood

This week, as part of Real Mom’s Series, meet Meghalee Nath, Founder of Mom’s Cove in our real moms real stories series who would like to share a new perspective to parenthood.

Known to my friends as an easy-going and a super laid back person, I am also seen as a friendly (and sort-of-weird rebel) soul who happens to lose her sh*& from time to time. I was born in Shillong (capital of Meghalaya). It’s a paradise. My parents are from Assam and so are my in-laws. My husband is currently working in Shillong.

I am happy to be where I’ve always belonged! Reviving and reliving those carefree childhood days.

Tell us a Bit About the Real Story Behind this “Real Mom”?

When I was unmarried, I was working as a content writer in New Delhi. After marriage, I decided to take up work from home. Life was beautiful until I discovered it would take years of medication, tests, and needles to conceive. It took a massive toll. But, I wanted my family to grow. It was my priority! At that time, that is all I needed. Choosing to have a family over career became my prime focus!

Meet Meghalee Nath - A Real Mom standing on tree bridge

When the time comes to start a family, you’ll likely be excited to experience the journey to mommyhood. However, Mother Nature doesn’t always indulge us. It took longer than I’d expected.

And even after my daughter was born, taking care of her is all I really wanted to do.

But in some part of my subconscious, I always thought that this mommy-business cant be my utmost, singular priority.  I reject the ridiculous ideals of motherhood that we are relentlessly fed. At some point, I had to go back to have yet another dream. My own identity. Be seen as someone who is not just ‘a wife to a husband’ or ‘a mother to a child’. I discussed an idea with my husband. Voila! This is how came into existence.

Meet Meghalee Nath - A Real Mom with her daughter

What it’s like to be you?

I am a free bird who wanted to fly and not feel stuck and feel like moving on with more enthusiasm. But, this bird did end up as a SAHM and she also enjoyed every bit of it.

I won’t lie. It was a struggle, but it also taught me. I re-discovered a different ‘me’ along the way. Despite my share of struggles, I managed to find happiness. I realized that life is not about ending up with a perfect life, rather making perfect sense of whatever destiny throws at you. 

What are the Challenges of Being a SAHM or Working Mom?

Very subjective. For me, the challenge was to go through the constant self-created identity-crisis and the intense feeling of not being financially dependent.

In our heads, we feel like taking care of our families is an insignificant job. It’s what I’d say media has done to us. We feel like we are being judged. And we care so much about what others think!

About Dividing Time…

My life has been relatively similar to what it was before. The only thing that has changed is that now my daughter demands more time from me. Dad being busy, by default, I am her go-to person at all times. But I do get to hang out with friends or go for movies for my me-time.

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Your Support System?

My husband, if not busy makes sure that I step out and have a blast of time (while he looks after our daughter). Similarly, I do the same if he has to be with his friends. Symbiotic relation is very important if the wheel of your life has to go on. As for my In-Laws, they do not stay with us but when they do come to visit, they lend a helping hand!

Your Advice to the Readers…

Personally I feel that support from your in-laws and your spouse is the key to juggling. To strike a good balance as a working mom or as a stay-at-home-mom, you got to have them cover you. A good support system also includes a strong support system for your go-to-support system. I mean to say- a nanny, or a caregiver/caretaker. You got to seek help. It takes a village to raise a child.

Meet Meghalee Nath - A Real Mom with her daughter and nanny

Hiring A Babysitter For Kids? Factors You Might Want To Consider

I think it is absolutely important for a woman (as a mother or as a wife) to feel significantly happy. You can’t imagine a happy home without a happy (home)maker. You can’t have independent and empowered children if the mother doesn’t feel independent and empowered. I think the working women vs SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) is a useless debate.

What does Motherhood Mean to you? 

Mothering is a tough job. We often think that giving birth to your little one is the hardest part. But I feel that raising your child to be a good human being is the most difficult job of a father and a mother.

Motherhood to me is loving, caring and nurturing your child in a way that he/she learns to appreciate, value and treat everyone with a high sense of respect. 

‘Parenting’ and ‘Raising Children’ Means…

I think parenting does not have a/one/single meaning. It’s a universe of meanings. The warmth of your bond, instilling values, being a companion are the pillars of that universe. Raising children is just one of the zillion things one does as a part of parenting.. 

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