Meet Deepa Chahal – A Real Mom’s Story From Being A Single Mom To A Mompreneur

This week, as part of our Real Mom’s Series, meet Deepa Chahal, Founder of Aiko in our real moms real stories series. She grew up in the pristine valley of Dehradun and developed an immense love for nature right from the beginning. She is a single mom to a strong daughter. Deepa’s mother is a Naturopath and father, an engineer.

What’s the Real Story Behind this “Real Mom”?

To be a mom means having a life that is filled with seamless, unconditional love. It is a remarkable gift. As a mother, I have tried to play a positive role in my daughter’s life. I’ve tried to empower her so that she can lead a happy and successful life. Each time life has thrown problems at us, we have come together. I feel the skills and values you can teach your child goes a long way. Your children can be the biggest support system in your life. 

Real Mom Story: Deepa Chahal (TCT)

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What are the Challenges of a Working Mom?

The challenges of a mom are real-time. As a working mom, my life has been sorted because my child has been my biggest motivator. In my case, my daughter pushed me to think beyond and see what my naked eye couldn’t see. I would have not made it this far without her.

Real Mom Story: Deepa Chahal with her daughter (TCT)

My key to juggling and creating a fine balance between housework and profession is ‘patience’. I try to be patient, which helps me in prioritizing my work without feeling under any pressure.

What do you Like to Do in your Leisure Time?

I like to read in my personal time or go for a drive to the hills without feeling guilty. I mean I could have used that time to do housework (Ha Ha!)

What Advice would you Like to Give to Working Mothers on Creating Work-home Balance?

Never feel guilty. Learn to prioritize and manage work and family life.

What does Motherhood Mean to you?

Motherhood is a wonderful experience. It teaches you to evolve to be a better, stronger and more loving version of yourself.

Real Mom Story: Deepa Chahal andher daughter (TCT)

Describe ‘Raising Children’

Raising children is a huge responsibility. It is a complex, challenging task to raise a confident, happy and successful child. But, a parent can achieve it by setting reasonable boundaries and becoming a role model themselves.

As a single mother entrepreneur, my daughter became my reason to get me to a point where I’m- happy, fulfilling and successful. When the child is involved in your work, he/she will never feel that they are lacking your attention.

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