The precious first hug by a mother- An absolute essential

“When I come home, my daughter will run to the door and give me a big hug, and everything that’s happened that day just melts away.”- Hugh Jackman.


The surprising ways my body and soul have changed after childbirth

I am a changed person. At times I feel like I have never been the same! My baby has changed me in ways I could only imagine.


19 Unique Karwa Chauth pooja thali designs available online for busy moms

Food items, beauty essentials, cosmetics, clothing and puja items constitute the must-haves of Karwa Chauth Pooja.


Top 4 Post-partum care products for a new mother

During pregnancy, we take such good care of the little body growing inside us. We also try and take good care of ourselves.


3 Strange things that happened the first time I went away from my baby

Whosoever coined the word ‘separation anxiety’ didn’t quite know that it wasn’t only restricted to kids. Anxiety is also provoked in mothers by separation or the threat of separation from their children.

Honest thoughts when I was pregnant 01

The honest reality of my husband’s thoughts when I was pregnant

On the day my husband turned 30, he had a lot to come to terms with. For starters, the fact that he was now on the other side of T-H-I-R-T-Y!

being a mother 04

Then and now – How we think before and after being a mother

Well! This is exactly what I thought before I became a mother, and my faith in this saying stays strong as ever even now that I am one.

Baby care tips 01

5 Baby Care Tips & Traditional Parenting Style every parent should ignore

The tussle between tradition and modernity its omnipresent and everlasting – we see them at loggerheads in almost every avenue of life.

motherhood how much is it worth it 01

The horrifying pain of motherhood – How much is worth it?

The other day my husband asked me to define ‘Motherhood’. It wasn’t a question I wasn’t prepared to answer. In fact, the answer is quite ready-made and tailor-made.

Postpartum bleeding 06

Postpartum bleeding – What’s normal and what’s not!

Post-delivery bleeding is also known as bleeding after pregnancy. Once you deliver your baby, this bleeding will occur and it is normal.

A mom blogs about planning for a birthday – Chronicles of a young mother

Marriage is a new chapter in any girl’s life. So it was for me 2 years back. As a pretty, young and confident bride, I embraced marriage gracefully.

mom hacks 21

8 Superb mom hacks you don’t want to miss

When I was a new mother, that forever-tired, always-under-slept feeling was a constant.

Ridiculous baby care advice 01

4 Absolutely ridiculous baby care advice people have actually given me!

If you know me well, you would know the fact that I tend to rant a lot about motherhood. Don’t get me wrong.

Easy breastfeeding experience 01

3 Must-have products for an easy breastfeeding experience

During pregnancy, your body endures many different changes on the inside and outside. Once you deliver your bundle of joy, your body will continue to endure changes, especially if you plan to breastfeed.

Moms never have time 01

Top 3 reasons why moms never have time to spare

Unlike before, these days I look forward to my 10 minute morning ritual. It includes sipping a cup of cold tea and savoring the taste of the biscuit.

Parenting tips 01

6 Silly parenting tips every new mom hears

Are you a new parent who is currently trawling the internet for parenting advice because you’ve discovered that friends and relatives are pretty much useless?

Parenting skills 01

5 Ways to deal with people who doubt your parenting skills

Parenting is a funny word. It’s funny because no one really knows what it really means. To some, it could mean strict while to others it could mean permissive or neglectful.

Things they never told me about delivering a baby 02

3 Disgusting things they never told me about delivering a baby

So, you are expecting? Wow! Congratulations! I can almost feel your baby kick! Motherhood is a wonderful experience; so is pregnancy.

3 Ways to avoid mom burnout

As a mom of a toddler, my life is full of drama. There are bitter feelings caused by not getting what one wants.

No one tells you about motherhood 01

Eight gross things no one tells you about motherhood

We dream all sorts of dreams. Mine have been always pretty lucid. But when I began to expect a child, these dreams became pretty elaborate.

Hospital Checklist for Babies – The ultimate hospital checklist for babies

So, it’s your D-day. The day you become +1 and I don’t mean your better half here. I mean, the day the water breaks and the labor starts.

Postpartum depression in new mothers 01

Unknown facts of postpartum depression in new mothers

Postpartum depression has long been misunderstood- and misdiagnosed- but that seems to be changing.

When new moms cry 01

6 Awful and cheerful moments when new moms cry

Ever seen a new mom crying out of love and tiredness, both at the same time? Well, here are my 6 awful and cheerful moments. My baby has seen his new mom crying a million times!

New mom anxiety 04

New mom anxiety | How to raise kids in a violent world

While you were pregnant, did you go through anxiety? If yes, what was it about? Here is a piece of advice for a new mom from an expecting one!

Cute baby announcements 21

20 Cute baby announcements while you are pregnant

Check out 20 pregnancy announcements and get inspired by these amazingly cute birth announcement ideas right away!

Valentines day ideas for mom 19

18 Beautiful Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for a new mom

Whether it’s about sharing tips on fashion for stay at home moms or suggesting ideas on fashion for working moms, in any case, fashion and moms is a bit tricky!

Being a mother 03

5 Awful things nobody tells you about being a mother

Here are 5 awful and terribly dreadful things nobody tells you about being a mother!

How to organize clothes 04

Life changing tips for mothers on how to organize clothes

As a new mom, you want to continue living in an organized and squeaky clean house for the sake of your bundle of joy and for the sake of your sanity.

Karwachauth mehndi designs 16

15 Beautiful Karwachauth mehndi designs for new mothers

Karwachauth is finally here and all the North-Indian married women must be gearing up for the special day! But, for all you new mothers out there who are finding it difficult to be completely involved in the celebration, worry not!

Karwachauth fasting tips 08

8 Useful Karwachauth fasting tips for new mothers

Are you a new mother who is fasting on Karwachauth? Or are you that mother who is keeping a fast this Karwachauth and whose baby is on breastfeed? Well! Then, this post is definitely a must-read for you.