3 Strange things that happened the first time I went away from my baby

How was your experience leaving the little one behind for the first time? You must read on to know the 3 strangest things that happened the first time I went away from my baby!

Whosoever coined the word ‘separation anxiety’ didn’t quite know that it wasn’t only restricted to kids. Anxiety is also provoked in mothers by separation or the threat of separation from their children. So, the first time I went away from my infant was a different feeling altogether. I wouldn’t say that it left me teary eyed, cause, after all, a minuter (say a quick visit to the washroom) or a 30 minutes break (salon to get my hair ironed) can be a lot of reprieve from the constant bickering. I love being a mother, so, don’t please get me wrong. Bickering is all nice and welcomed, however, at times, my mommy-mind starts acting up. I have spent so much time with my baby that a short visit to the washroom also means a lot to us.things-happened-the-first-time-i-went-away-from-my-baby-01

But, the actual going-away happened the day I had to attend a work-related meeting. You see, I work from home, so, the meetings and events require mandatory attendance and there is no escaping that! In the past, all this meant a lot of fun. But, after I had a baby, it became miserable and here is why..

This is exactly what happened the first time I form all went away from my baby (for more than 30 MINUTES!!) Continue Reading..

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