4 Absolutely Ridiculous Baby Care Advice People Have Actually Given Me!

If you know me well, you would know the fact that I tend to rant a lot about motherhood. Don’t get me wrong. I am a mother of a toddler who has been throwing tantrums and temper around at the drop of a hat. If you know me at all, then chances are that you would probably also know that I have a special sort of loathing for people who surround a new mom like bees swarming around the hive. That ridiculous parenting and baby care advice and tips that often come (unsolicited) towards a new mother by these swarming bees.

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Now I don’t really have a word to describe the feeling. It’s more than just the loathe and despise (to the power of infinity) which I can’t express in this forum. So, if you are a new mom who has stopped by this post, then, just stay here for another moment. Go on and read it for I know what you must be really going through. Bad baby care advice can be nothing short of being ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.

Four age-old baby care tips I found to be hilarious:

Each and every new mom goes through this! Here are the MOST ridiculous baby care and parenting advice and tips I have heard so far.

1. Constantly holding a baby will spoil them 

So many people believe that young babies may emotionally manipulate adults through their demand for affection. We’ve all heard that crying strengthens a baby’s lungs, that picking up a crying baby spoils them, and that sobbing it out is the only way to get a baby to sleep. None of this stands accurate when it comes to scientific reasoning. 

2. The formula is a waste of money

So, once our baby cuts a tooth, they don’t want us to breastfeed, and the formula isn’t an option either? In the path to save money by replacing infant formula with a homemade combination of powdered milk and corn syrup!” 

We…don’t do it anymore. The formula has great ingredients with a healthy composition that your baby needs. Everything has a good side and a bad side but being a parent we need to check our needs before analysing the bad side. 

3. Put some cereal in her bottle to help her sleep longer.

To give their digestive systems a chance to mature, the current suggestion for introducing solids (defined as anything other than breastmilk or formula) to babies is to wait until they’re about 6 months old. If you give them rice cereal too soon, it can upset their stomachs and cause them to choke, especially if they weren’t anticipating it.

 Babies who are accustomed to drinking thick milk may have difficulties distinguishing solid foods from liquid foods later in life. It may be difficult for your baby to begin eating solid foods as a result of this.

4. Have you tried rubbing whiskey on your baby’s gum when they are teething to help her sleep?

It’s an ancient wives’ tale to use whiskey, brandy, or rum to calm an irritable and teething baby. The idea of rubbing alcohol directly on the gums turns out to be more about lulling your infant to sleep than about numbing the area with a topical. 

Whiskey carries the same risk as products like Orajel, which are no longer suggested for teething comfort. There are far better ways to help your child cope with the discomfort of teething. Allowing your youngster to suck on anything cooled in the fridge or freezer is the most natural way.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. Everyone will offer you advice at some point during your quest. However, it’s crucial to remember that parenting is a basic human inclination at the end of the day. Listen to what’s good, toss aside what’s wrong, and grimace and giggle at the ludicrous, out-of-date baby advice.

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4 thoughts on “4 Absolutely Ridiculous Baby Care Advice People Have Actually Given Me!”

  1. Oh all those kind of advices are, as you said, ridiculous. Problem is that with the first baby you are so unsure about what to do, that you take any advice you get and then it starts eating you up… Because you feel you are not doing it right when in fact you are doing it right. Because you will know. You will feel what is right for you and your baby…