Top 4 Post-partum care products for a new mother

Take a look at our top 4 picks for a new mother during her post-partum days! Take good post-natal care of your body with these recommendations!

During pregnancy, we take such good care of the little body growing inside us. We also try and take good care of ourselves. From food and nutrition point-of-view we try and ensure the best of everything goes inside our body system. Most expecting mothers are either glowing or look dull across trimesters, credit goes to the crazy pregnancy hormones. But, what happens soon after (once the baby has been delivered) is a bit of a horrifying scene to watch. We as mothers think very little about ourselves. All the focus and attention is on the new born. It is but obvious. However, recovering from birth is equally important. This primarily means a lot of rest and recuperation. Skin care is a part of the postpartum regime and so is your physical

So, all you new mommies out there, we suggest you block at least 30 to 45 minutes every day from your busy schedule to look after your skin and take special care of your body. Here are our top 4 recommendations that are sure to come handy for a comfortable post-partum life.

1. Anti-Stretch Mark Cream:

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Stretch Marks Cream: Paraben-free, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream is for those mamas who are stressed about the appearance of stretch marks. Of course, there is no way you can get rid of them completely (and why should you?) But, it can definitely get lighter with a special blend of pure Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and a powerful combination of other amazing ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil. I love this cream not cause I wanted to say goodbye to my stretch marks but cause for me it has helped improve elasticity and suppleness of stretching skin during and post-pregnancy. Click here to buy online!post-partum-care-02

2. Massage Oil:

Kama Ayurveda Dhanwantaram Thailam Pre-Post Natal Treatment Oil: We are all aware of the benefits of a good post-partum massage. It is extremely therapeutic for new mothers. That’s why our top recommendation is this amazing massage oil. It is known to improve skin texture, elasticity and reduces stretch marks as well. This treatment rejuvenates the body over all. Made with some of the finest ingredients such as sesame oil, gooseberry (amla), Vetiver, Bala and Indian Madder, this product is 100% natural and that’s what I love about Kama Ayurveda! Priced at Rs. 875 (INR), the product is available at your nearest Kama Ayurveda store in town.

Click here to learn more about a good massage oil for new born baby!post-partum-care-03

3. Nursing Bra:

Morph Nursing Bras: A good feeding or nursing bra is something you can’t ignore during the post-partum days. It’s best if you could shop for a few good quality nursing bras at the time of pregnancy. The reason why you must own this is because the first few days can be extremely difficult. Nipples often get sore and cracked. Unlike a regular bra, a feeding bra not just takes care of the nipples but also makes sure to support the breasts. Our recommendation is that you must make sure to buy one made of an anti-microbial fabric. You can also conveniently use breast pads with a nursing bra to prevent leaking problems while stepping out. Click here to buy online!

Know more about nursing bras by clicking on this link!post-partum-care-04

4. Nipple Softner:

NipCare Ointment: Breastfeeding mothers experience sore nipples during the initial few days leading upto a few weeks. So, ease the discomfort of cracked and sore nipples with nipcare, an ointment which is the most tried, tested and trusted cream by most moms. The formula has been specially created to keep nursing moms comfortable so that they can continue feeding their little ones without feeling achy or sore. Convenient for everyday use, and handy too, it’s great for keeping the tube in a pocket or diaper bag for use whenever you need relief on-the-go. Available at most reputed pharmacies!post-partum-care-05

Take care and rest well mamas!

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  1. I used Dermalmd serum for my postpartum stretch marks that were not only deep but bright red. I did not have stretch marks before my pregnancy. I put this serum on maybe once a week and my stretch marks have gone from bright red to white/transparent and not nearly as deep as they were. Its natural and safe to use, which I appreciate bc I’m breastfeeding. It smells like natural! Lol it goes a long way, I havent even gone through the first jar yet and I was seeing results as early as 3 weeks after I began using it. I have recommended dermalmd to several people who have stretch marks.