The honest reality of my husband’s thoughts when I was pregnant

Reality can be misleading! What I thought my husband thought about my pregnancy was really shocking! Here are some of the scary but honest thoughts I carried while I was pregnant!

On the day my husband turned 30, he had a lot to come to terms with. For starters, the fact that he was now on the other side of T-H-I-R-T-Y, and then, the fact that we were pregnant. Of course, I was expecting him to jump for joy. I mean he barely looked up at me or got up to hug me. But, at last, he did. I guess it took him at least 10 minutes to soak in that piece if information.Honest thoughts when I was pregnant 01

So, this is the honest reality of my husband’s thoughts during my pregnancy:

1. We were not on the same page from day one: My husband couldn’t feel the pregnancy. The initial few months were the worst for us. Not because I was not eating and throwing up but also because the partner in crime didn’t know what to do. He just withdrew from the daily crises. However, the truth To be continued…

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