The surprising ways my body and soul have changed after childbirth

An anecdote on a mother’s feelings about how her body has changed physically and mind- emotionally after childbirth!

I am a changed person. At times I feel like I have never been the same! My baby has changed me in ways I could only imagine. The stretch marks I bear, the under eye bags that I carry, the signs of aging on my dull skin, these are just some of the physical changes you can see when I meet you. These are the marks left behind on my body after childbirth..ways-body-changed-after-childbirth-01

I have forgotten how it feels like to wear a set of sexy lingerie.

Why? You may ask. Well! What difference will it make? Instead, it will only accentuate the little tufts of fat bulging out from everywhere!

Did I even mention about sagging boobs?

Some of us weigh too little (because of all the breastfeeding or running around), and some of end up weighing a lot as an aftermath of the childbirth. The belly blubber can turn out to be a mission impossible to burn. And the state of the boobs is another dismal affair…Continue Reading..

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