8 Tips To Avoid Pain During Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural method of mother-child bonding and it should be a joyful experience for both the mom and her baby. But is it? Often times breastfeeding turns out to be a painful experience for new moms. But they don’t have to go through this pain. There are some simple things that one needs to know about the pain during breastfeeding and follow to avoid this pain. 
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What causes the pain during breastfeeding?

When your baby begins breastfeeding, the initial 30-60 seconds might be painful. This is because the nipple and the areola are being pulled out by the baby. If the pain persists, try repositioning your baby. There is a high probability that your baby isn’t latched on properly. Once latched in a comfortable position, the pain during breastfeeding would ease away.
Another thing that you as a mother need to realize is that breastfeeding can cause a lot of strain on your body. It could last for about 20-40 minutes long, and newborn babies feed roughly 10 15 times a day. With your baby’s comfort being your first priority, you might ignore your body posture. This can result in aches in wrists, shoulder, upper back, and neck.
Watch below the shared video to know more about the correct breastfeeding positions.

Common breast infections:

There are cases wherein the mother is suffering from infections that might result in the pain. It is imperative to state that you can continue to feed your baby even if you have an infection.
1. Mastitis: This is inflammation of the breast tissue by bacteria present on the skin. It can lead to intense pain and warmth in the surrounding breast tissue. Symptoms: Fever and chills accompanied by a hard or red area (or streaks) of the breast.
2. Yeast/Thrush Infection: Symptoms: Burning breast pain during or after feedings, pain in the nipples due to cracked nipples, nipples might have rash and blisters.
In both cases, it is advisable to visit the doctor to get antibiotic treatment.

Eight tips to avoid pain during breastfeeding:

1. Ensure proper latching. 

2. Ask for doctor referred ointments to help ease nipple soreness.

3. After feeding, apply some dry milk on the nipples and let it dry. It is believed that breast milk has substances that can help in healing and fighting infection. 

4. Wear breast shields in between breastfeedings.

5. Try nursing multiple times for a shorter duration.

6. Start feeding from the side that is less sore.

7. Use ice packs and cool compressors on breasts after feeding.

8. Get plenty of rests and fluids.

If, in case, the pain during breastfeeding still persists, ensure you take necessary medical action. Like we stated before, feeding is a beautiful thing and should not be associated with pain. It should be rewarding for your baby as well as you.

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