Really sad prejudices only Indian working moms face at the workplace

There are a very few new mothers who are lucky to be accepted whole-heartedly at the workplace post their maternity leave. Read on to know the real situation of Indian working moms!

I once heard someone tell me that most career-oriented women either get stuck in the mid-level management or quit/take a sabbatical from their jobs at some point in their work life. While I was young, this idea sounded bizarre. But, unfortunately, in my experience, this saying did come true. Especially true in the typical Indian workplace scenario where working moms face STRANGE discrimination every day!indian-working-moms-at-workplace-01

It happened to me when I was pregnant. During pregnancy, I was up for an appraisal. However, due to some strange reason, things turned not quite the way they were expected. I found it impossible to climb the career ladder. Though I was not told this explicitly, my pregnancy was the likely ‘problem’.

I have a friend who’s also faced this discrimination in her office. It seems, she has to ‘work harder’ after having children. You apparently need to prove your commitment to work. I don’t know the exact reason for having to prove yourself even harder (be it at home or at the workplace) after having a kid, but is sure is unfair!

In India, it is made apparent that ambitions are to be chased by men or women who are unmarried or aren’t planning a family! Workplace issues for both pregnant women and those returning to work after maternity leave appear to be growing across most sectors. The truth is evident.

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