8 Best ever real mom potty training tips

Potty training of the toddlers or preschoolers is the most challenging task of parenthood.

Dirty feet 04

Those dirty feet

Dear son, you can walk now. It is a bit wobbly but without any support. It is a huge milestone from the growth and development point-of-view but for parents, it’s a speechless moment.

Liebster Award - The Champa Tree

Liebster Award

So excited to be nominated for Liebster Award. Means a lot to me. Thanks so much Vasantha, founder of My Sweet Nothings! I am honored 🙂

Versatile Mommy Blogger Award 02

The Versatile Mommy Blogger Award

Here goes another one. The Champa Tree receives- The Versatile Mommy Blogger Award! Thanks so much Sandra from A Mommas View for nominating us for this prestigious award. It’s actually a pleasure to receive it from someone we truly admire.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on May 12, 2015 Anamika, founder of The Bespectacled Mother recently nominated The Champa Tree for –‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’. Take a look at our nominations! I am a big fan for her blog. Anamika’s overall outlook towards motherhood is stunning. It is full of positivity. Besides, I think she…