5 Best Baby Products For Newborn You Must Have To Make Them Feel Independent!

Best bottles for newborns, sipper cups, and nipples are essential tools when it comes to feeding your baby or newborn and hence make the best baby products for newborns. They are crucial tools to ensure your baby grows independently. Products such as the baby pacifier bottle or best sipper bottles for babies come with feeding liberties for both parents and family members. While the process of giving the baby a feeding bottle may seem very easy, there are many more intricacies to it that become apparent over time. 

Baby Feeding Essentials
Looking for feeding accessories? Here’s a list of best newborn baby products to buy online!

Not all baby pacifier uses are common to all babies. Knowing the specifications can help get the best newborn baby products that will enhance the feeding process. It is also important to keep yourself aware of things like how to use a feeding sipper or how to choose the best bottles for newborns, which sippy cup is best, or how to spoon-feed a 6-month-old.

best baby products for newborn

Best baby products for newborn

Here’s the ultimate guide to help your search for the best pacifiers for 7 months old or best sipper for 6 months baby and other best newborn baby products:

1. Pacifiers – Best pacifiers for newborns

Babies want attention, while we love to indulge them with it, they also need to be able to entertain themselves during their waking hours. It is for this reason that baby pacifier uses have increased over the years. They have become one of the best newborn baby products you can have. The R for Rabbit Apple Pacifier is one of the best pacifiers for newborns. The brand makes for the best pacifiers for a 7-month-old as it comes with a host of features. It is made with PP and 100% hygienic food-grade silicone which makes it perfectly safe for babies. 

baby pacifier
Newborn pacifiermade with PP and 100% hygienic food-grade silicone

2. Sippy cup 

Sippy cups are another on the list of best newborn baby products as they let a baby quench its own thirst. This goes a long way in making them independent. Sippy cups also come with their set of handles that strengthen their grabbing/holding skills. Still, wondering which sippy cup for 6 month old works best?

R for Rabbit Spout Sippy Cup comes with weighted straw technology that prevents backflow and even sipping. It makes for the best sipper for 6 months baby. 

sippy cup for babies

3. Sipper bottle – best of the best bottles for newborns

Want your child to learn basic queues so that you know what they need? You can start off with a sipper bottle. They are best newborn baby product to be used for teaching your child to signal when they are hungry. R for Rabbit’s attractive Hippo Baby Straw Sipper Bottle is a fast favourite of children and is one of the best sipper bottles for babies. It being BPA, PVC and Phthalate free makes it a favourite of parents. 

sipper bottles for babies

4. Spoon and fork set 

The greatest gift for a parent is to see their baby start to eat their own food. Children-friendly cutlery in this regard is one of the best newborn baby products. Their easy handling makes it an easy tool for children to learn to eat. You no longer need to wonder about how to spoon-feed a 6-month-old. R for Rabbit’s Baby spoon set does it for you. Its attractive design, food-grade plastic use, and children-friendly design make for a very interesting buy for babies. 

best baby products for newborn | spoon for baby feeding

5. Bath tub

Bath time is a fun time. Babies love to go splish-splashing in the pool and there is no reason why they should let go of the fun as newborns. A well-designed newborn bath or infant bath tub makes for the best newborn baby product. Drop the hurried baths over sinks and let your baby have a fun time under your care. R for Rabbit Bubble Double Elite Baby Bath Tub can be adjusted with the growth of your baby. It can be used up to the age of 3 years. What’s more, it even has a temperature-sensitive plug that changes the colour if the temperature of the water in the baby tub is hot. It can also be folded and stored in small spaces for ease of use. 

best baby products for newborn - bath tubs for baby
Newborn bath tub withtemperature-sensitive plug

R for Rabbit are experts of newborn products. The brand also has an entire range of products for infants and children that parents can choose from to make their parenthood special. When babies receive their quality products, they grow faster and better. So come explore R for Rabbit’s range of best baby products for newborns and start a wonderful journey with your precious little one that sets them on the path of independence. 

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  1. I have used all the baby products except Pacifiers. In all sippers are huge support for the parents, shall suggest R for Rqbbit brand to new parents in my circle.

  2. R for Rabbit is such a trusted brand, even I got so many products for my son from them. Our latest purchase was a scooter, it’s perfect for my kid. You have listed some wonderful products which are really helpful for a baby.

  3. I’ve used and gifted so many of these baby products. A sippy cup is a blessing while travelling and spook and fork help make them eat on their own.

  4. This is certainly an interesting title for a post about new born essentials! We definitely used all of these products but never thought of it in respect to making them independent – but it makes sense!

  5. Found this post at the right time. I had a cousin who delivered recently and was wondering about a useful gift. Your post has given me some ideas

  6. I remember my new mommy days when I used to have all these in my bay care list. Rforrabbit seems like a good brand with some cute collection for babies. Will keep it in mind while suggesting it to my new mom friends.