5 Best toys that can boost development of your infant

Brat H adores his toys. He is particularly fond of the ones which offer his antics a bit of a support ;). He is a hyperactive baby and so if he happens to spend good 15 minutes (at a time) totally involved in it, means we made a good deal! Besides, Ace and I are big fans of such baby accessories which offer some sort of infotainment (information-cum-entertainment) to kids. Such toys for infants can serve as a great medium to boost mental development for a baby. They should be age-appropriate, engaging and most importantly should teach your baby a thing or two in the playing process.

From 6 months onwards, infants are able to utilize their motor skills and should be introduced with toys that move or make sounds. Babies in the age group of 6 to 12 months find it enjoyable to play with toys that they can drop, open-shut, bang, stack-up, and has cause and effect features.

As your baby progresses into the latter half of their first year, you can begin to introduce the following types of toys: bath and teething toys, balls, plush dolls, stuffed animals, squeeze toys, soft blocks, shape sorters, activity boxes, stacking toys, rattles, interlocking keys or rings, push-pull toys, simple musical toys, and pop-up toys.

Brands like Fisher-Price, Funskool, Chicco, MeeMee and LeapFrog has a lot of variety for every age group.

TCT has compiled a list of 5 best toys for infants that are good for your baby’s development

1. Baby’s First Blocks

It is ideal for babies from 6-18 months of age and is priced at INR 370-400 on online websites. The stacking blocks and cubes are simple yet entertaining for your baby. Baby will learn color and shape recognition and object recognition with the 10 blocks that come with the set. The hand and eye co-ordination of your baby will improve as he will try to fit the blocks in the shape sorter openings on the lid. Some of other key features of this toy are as follows:

  • It is battery free and will last for years
  • 10 colorful blocks in 3 different shapes
  • Plus shape-sorter top for the canister

Top 5 Toys to Buy For an Infant 01

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2. Winfun Little Piano Tunes

Ideal for babies from 6 months to 2 years, this simple musical instrument will keep the baby entertained. It is priced at INR 1,250-1,300 on online websites. While playing with this little piano, baby will learn skills like- rhythm & pattern recognition, color & shape recognition, and hand & eye co-ordination.Top 5 Toys to Buy For an Infant 02

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3. Baby Smart Screen Laptop

This fantastic toy offers a plethora of learning opportunities for your child, including music, alphabets, colors, shapes, and objects. Available online for INR 1,954, it boasts a lightweight and portable design with a convenient handle on the top. Equipped with an interactive LED screen, it displays captivating images and patterns to keep your baby engaged. As your baby grows, they can explore numbers and alphabets while playing with the keys. Additionally, it offers three levels of play mode, each containing unique content to facilitate your baby’s learning journey. Here are some other noteworthy features of this toy:

  • Over 30 sing-along songs, tunes, and phrases
  • Open and close to hear opposites feature
  • Manual switch for level changes

Top 5 Toys to Buy For an Infant 03

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4. Playskool Tumble n Twirl Assortment

This toy helps the baby to learn cause and effect. It has a tumble top and 4 colorful balls that spins as the top plunger is pushed. It has a plastic door that can be left open for the balls to tumble out. Baby will get plenty of exercise as the balls escape from the toy door. It is priced at INR 999 on online websites.Top 5 Toys to Buy For an Infant 04

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5. Play N Pets – Pull Along My Cute Doggy Toy Yellow

Priced at INR 600-700, this cute pull along toy is ideal for growing toddlers. As your baby learns to crawl and walk he would love to play and carry along this toy. It has moving ears and wobbling foot.

Top 5 Toys to Buy For an Infant 05

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