5 Unique Gift Ideas for Baby

We all ponder about gift ideas for babies every time a friend, colleague or relative gives birth. More often than not, we end up sticking to the same two or three items which land upon the new parent’s home in more than one quantity. However, there exists a great variety of gift ideas for baby girls and boys that are utilitarian, functional, and fun to have. Here’s a look at a few newborn baby girl gift ideas that make for great presents. 

Gift ideas for baby

Gift ideas for baby:

1. Cot

One of the best gift ideas for babies is to give them a cozy cot. It is an absolutely essential item which means you can never go wrong with this gift idea for a baby girl or boy. Luvlap’s classic wooden cot is made of new Zealand pine wood. It is sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting enough to be passed on. It also comes with a cozy detachable newborn cradle that helps babies fall asleep easily by its manual swinging motion. What makes it an even better gift idea for a 1-year-old baby girl or boy is its easy-to-rolls wheels for easy mobility. Also, a locking system that keep it stagnant when required. 

2. Stroller

Babies love it when we take them out for strolls. This makes a stroller a great gift idea for babies. Another must-have for new parents is a stroller. The one with the right features that can be a great birthday gift idea for a baby girl or boy. Luvlap’s stroller comes with a 5 point safety harness to securely place the child in the stroller. It also has a reversible handlebar that allows a baby to face the parent while strolling. It also comes with an easy single-hand fold that makes it ideal for travel or when parents are running errands alone. This stroller/pram for babies is blessing for parents making it a perfect gift idea for a baby boy or girl.

3. Car Seat

A car seat is one of the first products you use for your baby as soon as you step out of the hospital. This makes it one of the most ideal gift ideas for babies and their parents. Every parent needs one. If you are looking for newborn baby gift ideas for girls or boys then this tops the list. Luvlap offers a cozy car seat certified as per European Safety Standards (ECER44/04) for babies. It merges design with comfort while keeping safety in mind.

Additionally, it has a 5 point safety harness that secures the baby from shoulders, waist & crotch ensuring they travel safely no matter the bumps on road. It even has a 3 position Height-adjustable headrest. Lastly, a harness system so that they get the best out of every car ride. The all-around features of this car seat make it a great gift idea for a baby girl or boy.

4. High Chair

Babies need not be an outcast when it comes to dinner time. They also need not be compulsively held by a parent when there is a handy high chair in place. This makes a high chair the perfect gift idea for babies. It secures them at the table and allows participation which makes high chairs a functional gift idea for baby girls or boys. Luvlap’s Cosmos 3-in-1 Baby High Chair is certified as per European Standard EN 71. It is a 3 in 1 Convertible and has multiple modes of use as a High Chair, Low chair and Booster Seat on a chair. Its 3 point safety harness keeps the baby secure and comfortably seated. If you are looking for birthday gift ideas for a baby girl or boy then this is it. 

5. Playpen

A baby from time to time will need to be kept alone to nap or play while parents attend to tasks at hand. The most secure way to do it is a playpen. They make for the best gift ideas for babies as they let parents keep an eye on their baby while being busy. This essential item is a wonderful gift idea for baby girls or boys. It teaches them to learn to keep themselves entertained. Luvlap’s Sunshine baby playpen is certified as per EN standards ( EN 71 ) and is also travel-friendly, compact, and Storage convenient. Its airy mesh on 2 sides for ventilation and visibility keeps both children and parents happy making it a great birthday gift idea for a baby girl or boy.

When it comes to gift ideas for babies, you can never go wrong by ensuring the gift you decide on is functional, utilitarian and will create happy memories for the baby and their parents. Doing so will mean your gift idea for a baby girl or boy will remain in the family and not be merely tossed into the storage to be re-gifted. For more interesting newborn baby girl gift ideas explore Luvlap and their wide range of quality baby products.

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