10 Newborn Baby Facts You Should Know

The wait is over. Your bundle of joy has arrived. Congratulations on the arrival of your little munchkin. It’s time to hold your baby in your arms and enjoy the roller-coaster ride parenthood brings with it. Your baby is the prince or princess of your life. All newborn babies are unique and have their own graph of growth. However there certain facts you should know about newborn babies which shall be common. Scroll along to learn about the 10 newborn baby facts that you should know.

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Baby facts trivia – Newborn baby facts

1. Intermittent and unpredictable sleep cycles

Yes, newborn babies sleep a lot, but with an intermittent and unpredictable break in the sleep cycle. It is very common. With breastfeeding every two to three hours, babies have just two jobs to accomplish in the first three months, really- sleep and drink milk. Most doctors advise new parents to practice a set pattern of the sleep cycle.

2. Filled with emotions

Most of us think or believe that newborns don’t understand anything. But the truth is, newborn babies are equally if not more expressive. You just need to spend more and more time understanding their feelings, likes, and dislikes.

3. Sponge bath in the early days

A sponge bath in the early days (until the umbilical cord falls off) is highly recommended. Just after the bath, one needs to ensure the naval area is kept dry.

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4. Never fear to touch the soft spot 

Most new and first-time mothers always fear touching the soft spot on the baby’s head. They are scared to comb that part called fontanelle. The spot typically pulsates because it is directly over the blood vessels of the brain. But, mommas, listen up! It is okay to touch the spot gently.

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5. Scoop the poop

Yes, like it or hate it, you got to scoop the poop of your little one constantly. Newborn poops nearly thirteen times. If this is what your little one is doing for the first few months, please do not worry. This is just as natural as it can get!

6. Newborn’s hair loss – The fact you probably didn’t know about newborn babies?

The initial set of hair that your baby is born with, is going to fall off. But, don’t panic. This is unavoidable, and there is nothing you can do about this. 

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7. Swaddle your baby

It is important to swaddle the baby in your arms more than in a crib. Snugly wrapping a baby helps strengthen the bond. 

8. Constantly listening

Did you know, your baby is constantly listening to your heartbeat? Yes, and that’s the reason why, it is said that, pregnant women must talk to their babies when in the womb. Once they are out, mothers should constantly talk and interact with their babies. Babies have an active listening capability and can recognize their mother’s voice.

9. No tears in baby’s eyes

Newborn babies do not shed tears until a few weeks or months. It is estimated that tears begin only after three weeks of birth.

10. Burping is essential

Whether it is breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, they would certainly get little bubbles in their tummies that are needed to come out. Hence burping is essential for the bubbles to exit the body and ease their discomfort. Some paediatricians also advise burping the baby when they are halfway through the feeding process.

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Every child is unique and has its own way of expressing itself. Have patience and learn what is good and bad for your little one.

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