Skin Pranayam For Busy Moms

by Swati Mehra Let me let you in on a beauty secret! I have discovered an ultimate skin pranayam regime for myself all you busy moms out there. Read on … Read More


5 Correct Ways to Use the Hair Straightener That No One Told You Ever

The truth is that salon straight hair is a look that anyone can easily work at home. A hair straightener is mankind’s gift to women (or so we believe looking at the magic it can create in minutes).

Mommy’s guide to skin care while caring for the baby

Having babies means additional responsibilities for moms and little or no time to mind their looks. It means that they have to be around their kids almost all the time, monitoring all their moves and ensuring their stay safety and good health.

Top 3 makeup looks for new moms to carry this Lohri

We are pretty sure you had the most amazing new year party with your near and dear ones!

Mommy’s guide to getting rid of acne

Post pregnancy, our lives as a woman goes in for a complete three-sixty degree turn. While there are so many issues to cater to like clogged milk ducts, postpartum depression and much more.

20 Gorgeous Rakhi Mehndi Designs For New Moms

Rakhi is just around the corner and as a tradition, every woman loves to adorn mehndi. This year we have handpicked exquisite and new mehndi designs that will definitely add to your look this Rakhi.

Top 10 safe beauty products to use in pregnancy

Nothing makes us women decode products with a closer detail, after getting pregnant.

Get beautiful clear skin in 3 days!

Most mommies are so worked up managing the house, busy doing their household chores, taking care of their little ones and working as professionals that they get very little time for themselves!

Why do you need a toning massage oil for an after pregnancy care

One of my favorite indulgences post-delivery and so much I would look forward to was my daily massage.

4 Best beauty secrets and hacks for a new mom

Becoming a mother is the most beautiful moment in a woman’s life. There is a lovely and a much-welcoming change that motherhood brings along with it.

5 Easy homemade facial beauty masks for busy moms

With her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival 2016, we are yet again left in awe by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s gorgeous looks and flawless skin

3 Stunning beauty products which are safe during pregnancy

While it is great to have people pander to your whims and fancies when you are expecting your bundle of joy, there is absolutely nothing like pampering yourself.

4 Easy DIY beauty products as Christmas presents

We are sure that your calendar must be chock a block with things to do this weekend and a couple more to come before the year ends. The Christmas tree decoration is done by now. The house smells of cookies.

10 Very easy Christmas inspired nail art designs for moms

We are just a few days away from the jingling festival of the year. Yes! That’s right, it’s Christmas time 🙂

Easy beauty tips on how to tackle hair loss after childbirth

One of the early signs of pregnancy is the fact that women get prettier. Across trimesters of pregnancy, a would-be mother gets to flaunt her gorgeous tresses in style.

Makeup beauty tips for working moms

All you busy moms out there, now look even more gorgeous by following these ‘really’ simple, easy-to-do makeup and beauty tips!

Top 5 pre and post-natal beauty products for moms

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on June 24, 2015 Tired of dry, scaly skin? Pregnancy hormones working overtime? Want to lighten those stretch marks? Then this post is very useful … Read More

Summer beauty tips for mothers – 4 Amazing DIY foot care remedies

Cracked, dull looking, and super tired feet is a common problem in winters, but usually a pair of socks takes care of that issue. But in summers, we prefer airy, light and summery footwear. And I wouldn’t want to be found flaunting my dirty-dirty feet in my all new open toe heel!

Quick beauty tips for new mothers

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on January 17, 2015 How many of us, the new mothers stay tip-top? Are able to look after themselves well? Beauty-wise, are always conscious and … Read More

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