Beauty tips on how to tackle hair loss after childbirth

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on October 5, 2015

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One of the early signs of pregnancy is the fact that women get prettier. Across trimesters of pregnancy, a would-be mother gets to flaunt her gorgeous tresses in style. Thanks to the amazing pregnancy hormones, estrogen in particular. Pregnant women especially experience a ‘good hair day’. Suddenly, the simplest of the simple hairstyle looks great, hair tends to become voluminous. But, in reality, the hair isn’t growing at all. The only thing that’s truly happening is that you aren’t losing hair you would typically do otherwise, such as during monsoon or a stressful phase.

However, after the childbirth, as soon as one has delivered her little bundle of joy, the postpartum blues hit and that’s when everything about her begins to look a bit sad, the stretch marks and the sudden weight gain. Hair is likely to be the worst affected area of the body. Hair loss is something most of the ladies after delivery/post-pregnancy often complain of.

To understand why hair loss occurs at different stages of one’s life and how best to tackle it, it is important to understand the normal hair cycles of growth and shedding. Before addressing the issue it is also essential to understand that hair loss and hair breakage are different.

The term ‘hair breakage’ is often used synonymously with ‘hair fall’, which is incorrect. When hair naturally falls from the root, you are experiencing hair loss and when hair unevenly breaks from the strand it is hair breakage. Hair Loss is multifactorial and needs a specialized product to specifically treat it. Although hair loss is not completely preventable, it can definitely be arrested with overall care and regular maintenance especially after having a baby, that is at the time of the post-pregnancy stage.

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The knowledge of the A-C-T hair cycle will help you understand when is the right time to tackle the issue before it’s too late to recover. Scalp hair grows in cycles with normally 3 phases-the Anagen phase which means the hair is in an active growth phase, the Catagen phase which means the hair is getting ready to shed, and the Telogen Phase which means your hair is resting in between phases. Normally, each hair follicle cycles independently, so that while some hairs are growing, others are resting and others are shedding. Thus, the density of the scalp hair and the total number of scalp hairs remain stable. But if the Anagen phase hair follicles prematurely transition to the Telogen Phase, resulting in a noticeable increase in hair shedding at the end of the Telogen Phase then it is defined as hair loss that needs to be tackled.

Hair loss that new mothers generally experience is in the Telogen phase.

So, when a friend introduced me to “Livon Hair Gain Tonic for Women” and she personally showed me the difference after having applied it for 90 days, it got me going W-O-W!

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So, ladies, home remedies do play a great role in preventing major hair loss, but the genuine hair loss issue requires a more specialized approach. Even before approaching a specialist, it is important to understand your hair loss and seek solutions and products with effective ingredients that can truly tackle the issue of real hair fall.

Here are a few tips on how to reduce massive hair fall post-delivery:

  • Try picking up a bottle of Livon Hair Gain Tonic right away. This magical potion will help in arresting hair fall and accelerating hair growth from the root of the problem in a scientific way. 
  • Avoid tying up your hair too tight. Tight ponytail, braids, hair bun, etc. should be avoided. Also, don’t’ pull the strands too hard when making a hairstyle
  • Avoid sleeping with your hair open. The strands entangle overnight resulting in massive hair breakage and damage.
  • Use a comb with a wide-tooth. Avoid hair brushes (flat or round). Don’t comb wet hair or blow-dry while they are still wet (at any cost). Let them dry down naturally.

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