Mommy’s guide to getting rid of acne

by Udita Saklani

Expert 04Tired of pesky pimples, acne and skin eruptions? Check out these 5 wonderful and easy tips to follow, coming straight from a mom who has seen a radical change in her skin

Post pregnancy, our lives as a woman goes in for a complete three-sixty degree turn. While there are so many issues to cater to like clogged milk ducts, postpartum depression and much more. Among the most profound problems which a woman faces post pregnancy is the ‘Acne Monster’. Acne, post pregnancy is a very common occurrence which 90% of the woman face worldwide. With the sudden spurt of hormonal changes in a women’s body, acne is bound to erupt. A new mom often finds herself battling with acne due to many reasons. The prime one being ‘Breastfeeding’. As a new mom, you are breastfeeding almost every two hours, which can lead to dehydration if body liquids are not replenished. That is when skin doesn’t get enough moisture and leads to an outbreak of acne.Getting rid of acne 01

We bring to you some tips and hacks to get rid of that stubborn acne which has been giving you sleepless nights for some time now:

1. Don’t overwash your skin:

It is said that you should keep your skin clean to keep it free from pimples or acne. But one common mistake we make is that we tend to over wash our face for the same. This practice is absolutely not called for. That is because when you wash your skin time and again, your brain will get a signal to produce more oil or sebum in that area, hence cause acne to erupt.

2. Moisturize your skin well:

Before you get us judging, moisturizers are not going to cause an increase in acne. Like we said, everything must be done in proportion and correct moderation. Keeping it moisturized and nourished will in a way prevent acne. You can use a light lotion for your face, and if the acne is severe we would recommend consulting a dermatologist before buying any moisturizing or medicated lotion.Getting rid of acne 02

3. Use natural elements, like Aloe Vera and essential oils: 

Nothing beats our good old natural fixes, be it any ailment related to the body. Aloe Vera gel is found to have healing and antibacterial properties. Many people swear by using raw Aloe Vera directly from the plant, and it has given them effective results. It gives just the right amount of moisture to the skin without making it too greasy.Getting rid of acne 03

Also essential oils like jojoba and tea tree oil which will keep your skin moisturized and supple.

4. Watch your diet:

We all know as mothers we tend to take care of the minutest things of our family, but ignore our own health. Yes, we are taking all the traditional methods for increasing breastmilk, but what about our skincare regime. It definitely goes for a toss after the baby. Have foods rich in fiber, vitamin A, C & E. You can also include zinc supplements in your diet post consultation from a doctor.  If you don’t want to take supplements, zinc is also available in natural forms like beans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin.Getting rid of acne 04

5. Homemade remedies:

We all have tried homemade remedies as teenagers to fight suntan, pimples. So why not now? Nothing beats our good old kitchen ingredients in bringing some relief from acne. A honey and cinnamon mask can work wonders for your skin. Honey is an excellent source of antioxidants, and they have been proved to be far more effective than any over the counter drugs.Getting rid of acne 05

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