Makeup beauty tips for working moms

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma updated on July 16, 2015

All you busy moms out there, now look even more gorgeous by following these ‘really’ simple, easy-to-do makeup and beauty tips!

Dear Mommies, Are you like those mom-too-busy-for beauty sorts? Well, don’t be upset because I do understand that life can be extremely busy and stressful especially if you are a new mom, mother of 2 under 2, work-from-home mom, stay-at-home mom or a working mom. Managing your baby (in some cases, it could be ‘babies’ too), a 9 to 5 job and everything in between. I can totally imagine your life. However, just as ‘dressing-up’ your baby is important, so is taking care of your looks! The initial phase of motherhood shouldn’t steal your zeal. Really! You too need to dress-up well for work and yes, which does mean, looking good as well. Appearance and favorable image by styling appropriately to work creates a conducive atmosphere. Besides, it does give you a sense of confidence.Makeup beauty tips 01 So, I am listing down a few easy-to-do makeup and beauty tips for a glowing skin, well-defined eyes, graceful hands, and gorgeous hair:

1. For your skin:

  • Glow: Moisturize on a daily basis. A good moisturizer helps lock the moisture and prevents dryness.
  • Flawless skin: A good concealer that blends with your skin tone, it covers up dark, under-eye circles, blemishes, and marks.
  • Even skin tone: When applying foundation make sure you have enough light falling on your face.Makeup beauty tips 02

2. For your eyes:

  • Bright colored eye shadows, such as electric green and blue should be avoided at work. Instead, opt for 2 colors of eye shadow, a base color which is neutral in nature and a shade that compliments your eyes.
  • Black mascara for black eyes is just a simple trick for thick, voluminous lashes. Don’t skip this one awesome product even if you have naturally thick eyelashes. Trust me, mascara is the most underrated makeup product.Makeup beauty tips 03

3. For your lips:

  • Subtle lip color is good. Nude shade, peach, soft pink, nude brown/caramel/mocha shades are good.
  • Opt for an extended wear lipstick.Makeup beauty tips 04

4. Nails:

  • Keep them clean and tidy. While cutting/clipping your nails make sure you file them properly. Opt for an oval or a round shape for its gracefulness. No offbeat nail polishes, please.Makeup beauty tips 05

5. Hair:

Wear your hair nice and neat. A simple hairstyle communicates loyalty towards the organization. A half up and a half down style, ponytail for long and short hair or a quick bun is an ideal hairdo for professionals. Besides, it’s very easy to make a pony or a bun.Makeup beauty tips 06 5 Minutes tips: While I understand that wearing makeup everyday to work might not be a good idea for working mommies who are pressed for time, that’s why I am listing down a few quick tips, try them out while commuting to work (Yes! Also, do-able in your metro ride) 😉

  • A little concealer for dark circles
  • Kohl to accentuate tired eyes
  • A dash of blush- nude, peach, pink colors are most preferred
  • Lip gloss/lipstick that doesn’t clash with your skin tone. Stick to basic and neutral shades such as baby pink and peach
  • Keep a small vial of perfume in your handbag ALWAYS!

There you are..Makeup beauty tips 07 Oh! And don’t you forget your smile behind! Your little one loves that on you <3

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