Does Onion Oil Really Cure Baldness?

Combat hair fall with the natural goodness of onion oil, well-known for its growth-stimulating properties. The American Academy of Dermatologists states that it is normal for a person to lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair each day, as hair has a natural lifecycle.  When it ages and falls, new hair grows in its place. It only becomes a cause for concern when hair loss is greater than the growth of new hair. This can lead to partial or complete baldness over time. Over and above the natural aging process, factors like heat, pollution, improper diet, and stress can lead to hair damage and loss. One of the most effective ways to take care of your hair is to nourish your scalp. If you are worried and wondering how to stop hair fall immediately at home, then using hair care products formulated with natural ingredients that are high in vitamins and antioxidants is an excellent way to cure baldness.

Cure baldness - Inion oil benefits

Mamaearth hair growth oil, for example, is formulated with onion seed oil, amla oil, almond oil, and other ingredients that stimulate hair growth. It is an excellent hair fall control oil. Ryaal onion hair oil is also known to promote hair growth as it has natural ingredients. It is perfect hair fall home treatment for dandruff and infections of scalps.

Goodness of onions:

Onions are well-known for their multifarious ability to strengthen the immune system, combat infections, manage blood sugar,  assist with digestive issues, and help with hair fall and hair loss among others.

“The combined antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities of onion juice cleanse the scalp and protect hair,” explains Debbie Williams, Hair Loss Specialist and Board-Certified Nutritionist. This is why it is an excellent natural treatment for dry scalp, dandruff, and even baldness, she adds.

When used as an oil, onions can strengthen the hair roots and promote hair development. It also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory treatment for the scalp and hair fall home treatment. Let us look at the benefits of onion hair oil, in some more detail:

Cure baldness - Onion oil

Benefits of onion hair oil:

Prevents hair fall

A recent study published in ResearchGate examined the value of medicinal plants in treating hair conditions like baldness, alopecia, hair fall, graying, dryness, and dandruff. It was found that onion is effective in reducing hair fall and hair loss by improving blood circulation in the scalp. Its sulfur content promotes the production of essential collagen, which supports hair growth and thickness.

Using hair oil made of natural ingredients supplies the necessary nutrients to promote hair growth. One method for preventing and reversing hair loss is to activate certain enzymes that stimulate the hair growth cycle. Once the hair growth cycle is regulated, hair growth can compensate for. It even outpaces daily hair loss in some cases. Onion hair fall control oil aids in this process, making it highly efficient against hair loss.

Promotes hair growth

If you are wondering how to increase hair growth, then onions create a better environment for your hair to grow. They increase the blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles and possibly cure baldness. Better blood supply means higher amounts of nutrients reaching the scalp and follicles. It is well researched home remedies for hair growth and thickness.

Also, onions are rich in sulfur, which is a key component of the hair-strengthening protein, Keratin. So, when onion oil is applied to the hair and scalp, hair strength increases, while it can prevent hair breakage.

Onions also raise the levels of Catalase, an antioxidant enzyme that can accelerate hair growth. Onion oil is also essential for regulating the scalp’s overall pH levels, which can further stimulate hair growth. The antioxidants present in onions help enhance the hair growth cycle and prevent hair loss.

Cure baldness

Provides nourishment

Onion oil is extremely efficient in nourishing the hair roots, resulting in healthy hair growth. Onions are also well-known for their ability to reduce dandruff and keep scalp infections at bay. For instance, Mamaearth Onion Oil for Hair Growth contains Onion Seed Oil to increase blood supply to the hair follicles. Redensyl helps to fight hair loss, Almond Oil to strengthen the hair, and Bhringraj Oil to improve blood circulation and hair growth and even cure baldness. It is really helpful for hair fall home treatment.

The bottom line 

The key to maintaining hair health, preventing hair loss, and curing baldness is using the right hair care products made of natural ingredients that promote hair growth and ensure a balanced diet. A word of caution here; some hair conditions occur due to medical conditions as well as some forms of treatment, such as chemotherapy. For such cases, it is best to consult your doctor for an appropriate solution.

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