3 Things I did to increase my baby’s appetite and help him gain weight

This is what I did to increase my baby’s appetite which eventually helped him gain weight!

Till about the first two years of childbirth, my baby boy was reaching all the growth-related milestones. He was always touching the above 50 percentile for body weight and height. But in his third year, he started to look sort of weak, which began to worry me. Whenever someone met us, they always asked questions regarding my son’s weight..Increase my baby appetite 01

A newborn usually regains its birth weight by the time he/she is 14 days old. A baby doubles its birth weight in 3, or maximum, 4 months. You can expect your baby to triple its birth weight by about one year of age. It was all going well for my baby boy too.

But as soon as my baby hit the third year mark, things got rough. He began to get sick and wasn’t gaining weight as per the growth chart. This really began to worry me. Everyone asked questions regarding my son’s weight.

Like me, how many mothers worry that their baby is underweight (or malnourished), even as per your child’s doctor? Many, I am sure! A baby’s weight is an indicator of his overall development, and if weight gain doesn’t happen properly, it can indicate a problem.

I am sharing the three things I did to increase my baby’s appetite and help him gain weight. They really worked magic for us, and I recommend you try them out too!

1. I fed my baby these foods for weight gain:

Even though my baby boy was eating a balanced/nutritious diet, he was not gaining adequate weight. I was forced to think of a lot of alternatives. Clearly, just the regular diet wouldn’t have helped. I had to amp up the nutrition quotient.

These are the foods I tried, successfully. You can try them if your baby is older than 6 months and has been introduced to solid foods. Continue reading..


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