7 Foods To Eat During Acidity – From A Mum Who Said Goodbye To Acid Reflux

Motherhood brings with it a host of never-ending hassles. To meet the demands and keep up with the little one, household chores, and handling a job if you are a working mother, requires one to be physically fit. Even a little bit of physical discomfort can ruin your day. Amongst the most common physical discomforts that mothers today suffer is acid reflux. One is often confused about foods to avoid and foods to eat during acidity. It’s hard to go empty-stomach.

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As a general tendency, women tend to overlook this ailment as a minor one and continue to suffer without going to the root cause and figuring out a solution. But this oft-neglected problem can lead to gastritis and stomach ulcers later on. There are several reasons that lead to constant acid reflux. I was under constant attack and for years was suffering from severe symptoms.

However, I overcame my acid reflux (it didn’t happen overnight). The below-mentioned Acid Reflux foods to avoid chart is easy to access information about foods to avoid during acid reflux.

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  1. Coffee (regular intake)
  2. Alcohol (regular intake)
  3. Cookies
  4. Fried foods
  5. Fatty or lean meats
  6. Sugary foods
  7. Chocolates and candies
  8. Noodles (because of all-purpose flour)
  9. White bread (because of all-purpose flour)
  10. Junk foods like hamburgers/hot dogs
  11. Spicy food
  12. Citrus fruits

The natural remedies that I suggest may not provide a cent percent result. Nonetheless, the primary solution to cure acid reflux is bringing about a change in lifestyle and including and excluding some food items.

Scroll down for your ultimate Acid Reflux food menu should include!

List of 7 foods to eat during acidity:

1. Yogurt

One of the easiest available food to eat during acidity, yogurt has soothing properties and works wonders for acidity-prone people. It has probiotics, a type of good bacteria that aids in digestion and is good for gut health. As a good protein source, it helps in the easy digestion of food. A breakfast of poha mixed with yogurt really helps in soothing the stomach and keeping the system cool. The is one of the most ideal foods to eat during acidity.

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2. Ginger

A permanent presence in every kitchen, ginger, is effective in curing many ailments, and acidity is one of them. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help in treating heartburn and gastrointestinal problems. Finely sliced ginger sprinkled over any dish or a cup of ginger tea helps in easing acidity. Thus, ginger adorns a prime position among the foods to eat during acidity.

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3. Vegetables

Cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot, peas, green beans, and leafy greens are good options to turn to when acidity and constant acid reflux become a nightmare. Vegetables are low in fat and sugar, so they help in reducing stomach acid. Making these vegetables a part of the daily diet will gradually help in lowering easing the problem. 

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4. Non-citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are high in acid and lead to further acidity problems. So non-citrus fruits do not trigger acidity or any reflux symptoms. Bananas, apples, pears, and melons are a good choice as the best food to eat during acidity.

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5. Oatmeal

High-fiber food oatmeal helps in easing the symptoms of acid reflux by absorbing the acid in the stomach. The high fiber content in oatmeal not only reduces constipation but also promotes gut health thus making it one of the safest foods to eat during acidity. Oatmeal with low-fat milk can be an ideal start for the day with people prone to acidity problems.

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6. Egg whites

Egg whites are rich in Vitamin B6. This vitamin helps the body in metabolizing certain amino acids that in turn reduces acid reflux. A meal, particularly breakfasts comprising of egg whites can help start your day by soothing the acidity.

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7. Seafood and lean meats

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that are helpful in many diseases. The low fat and high protein content are what make it the best food to eat during acidity and acid reflux problems. Cooked in low-fat recipes, fish, lobsters, shrimps, and clams can be enjoyed baked, roasted broiled, or grilled. The same goes for chicken too as the foods to eat during acidity.

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An ideal diet plan to avoid acid reflux:

The following diet plan is ideal for women who don’t have any chronic ailments. If you are taking any medicine for a prolonged period consult your doctor before embarking on this menu with foods to eat during acidity.

1. Breakfast

  • (Vegetarian): Poha and yogurt or Oatmeal
  • (Non-vegetarian): Egg whites 

2. Brunch

  • Fruit bowl (Bananas/apples/pears/melons);
  • Salad bowl with cucumber and beetroot sticks

3. Lunch (non-spicy)

  • (Vegetarian): Rice or Roti + Legumes (of your choice)
  • (Non-vegetarian): Rice or Roti with low-fat recipes of boiled or grilled fish/lobsters/shrimps/clams/chicken

4. Evening snack

  • Homemade ginger tea/ Herbal tea

5. Dinner (not spicy):  

  • (Vegetarian): Rice or Roti + Potatoes/cauliflower/broccoli/beetroot/peas/green beans/leafy greens
  • (Non-vegetarian): Rice or Roti with low-fat recipes of boiled or grilled fish/lobsters/shrimps/clams/chicken

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that everybody is unique and different metabolism. One needs to figure out while choosing the foods to eat during acidity. Find out which food type suits one best and helps in soothing the much-dreaded acidity and acid reflux problem.

by Tasneem Dhinojwala (in consultation with the nutrition expert Harshita Dilaware)

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