Exposure To Pesticides – Must Know If You Are A New Parent

Imagine a situation like this; You are a new parent and have gone out to the local market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. With a few recipes in mind, you purchase the most common vegetables such as tomato, leafy vegetables, okra, cabbage etc. You get them home, wash them with tap water to avoid exposure to pesticides and remove dirt. Further, you prepare the food and feed the baby. What did you miss here?

Exposure to pesticides - Washing vegetables

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Contamination problem in India:

This is 21st century, where everything is contaminatd or polluted. The water we drink, the air we breathe, the sound we listen to, the light we see. Everything! What about fruits and vegetables? Have you ever given a simple thought about how these fruits and vegetables are grown and brought to the market?

If you are living in the city, the chances are bleak that you know about it. Believe it or not, most of the crops in India are contaminated with hazardous pesticides, colours, artificial ripeners, and whatnot! As a consumer, we wash it with water. Still, water is inefficient to pull off these harmful pesticides from the surface due to chemical compounds’ nature. Consuming them even at the lowest quantity would also be fatal to our health.

Various research institutes found more than 18 types of pesticides at beyond permissible levels on most fruits and veggies!

This means the level of pesticide poisoning in humans is manifold. Most of us know this already but still are indifferent to it because the effects of exposure to pesticides are not visible. That’s our biggest mistake!

Exposure to pesticides
Farmer spraying pesticides on the vegetables

Pesticides – The silent pandemic we never thought of:

The green revolution happened in India around the 1970s, and it was much needed. Earlier the practice was to implement modern technology in agriculture without proper training. This led to excessive use of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. The scientific world now believes that when we consume contaminated fruits and veggies regularly, these chemicals/pesticides accumulate in our bodies. In the long run, this pesticide poisoning in humans has been the root cause of many diseases such as Alzheimer’s, nervous breakdown, and Diabetes. Data says pesticides destroy our gut bacteria (the so-called good bacteria), that controls our body’s metabolism. We live in a world where lifestyle diseases are surging, immunity disorders are seeing a spike, and now pandemics striking harder than before. Healthcare systems are improving in India, but we are losing our body’s inner strength as the exposure to pesticides is pretty high.

Problems with organic farming in India

Exposure to pesticides - Organic food farm
Organic food farm.

The solution for the exposure to pesticides could be explored by going back to ‘organic farming,’ but farmers are helpless. Over decades, the overuse of pesticides, fertilizers, and hybrid varieties has depleted the soil’s nutrients. Farmers are using pesticides/fertilizers, failing to which current hybrid crops will fail.

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Example crop: Okra or Bhindi is one of the most consumed vegetables in India. Everyone irrespective of age group loves this vegetable. As a crop, it is badly affected by hundreds of varieties of pests/worms/insects which either feed on the product itself or will eat off the leaves. To avoid this, farmers are helpless but use pesticides to save the crop and save us all.

Many companies claim to sell ‘organic products,’ but it’s tough for anyone to check its authenticity. Moreover, organic products are so costly that common people can’t afford them.

The solution:

A new solution for this would be using unique products like QDROPZ. Designed by QbD scientists, QDROPZ is India’s finest vegetable and fruit wash solution. It uses a proven formula to remove pesticides, wax, toxins and kills germs effectively. The product contains 100% food ingredients and safe for all. QDROPZ uses ‘micelle’ technology to remove contaminants from the surface of fruits and veggies. It is one of the most efficient products in that segment. Most importantly, biotechnology scientists who have years of experience developing biopharma products designed it. Do we really need QDROPZ? Yes, we do.

QDROPZ vegetable and fruit wash to avoid Exposure to pesticides
QDROPZ Vegetable and fruit wash

Act now!

Yes, the plates we serve every day to our dear ones might be contaminated. Hence, you are directly or indirectly responsible for your loved ones’ exposure to pesticides. We need to think of stringent food hygiene procedures to avoid this pesticide poisoning in humans before it is served to children. Better late than never.

By Vikrama N. Prabhu, Co-Founder, Rubizon Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

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