Top 5 Treatment Options For A Broken Tooth

When you have a broken tooth, it becomes uncomfortable. You will find it difficult to eat any of the hard food items. Also, the difficulty in talking or smiling due to the awkward looks. In fact, the moment you got the broken tooth might be a nightmare. However, there is nothing to worry much about, as there are many treatments to fix the broken teeth. All you need to do is, go to the dental expert to know the options for this treatment. If you lose the tooth due to eating any of the hard food items, make sure that you rinse your mouth properly. This helps in removing all the smaller tooth particles from the mouth and prevents you from swallowing them. Visiting the dentist at the earliest will help you to get a better treatment solution for it.

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Common problems related to the broken tooth:

People who get the broken tooth suffer from different kinds of problems. This can make it difficult in several different situations. Some of the common problems are:

1. Difficulty in eating

This is the primary problem related to a broken tooth. The toothless areas would be sensitive and the food tends to get to these areas. Also, eating hard food items can injure the gums. This situation is scarier when it comes to a child’s teeth. Cleaning your kid’s teeth after eating can also be difficult.

2. Hurt the tongue

In case, the remnant of the lost tooth is pointed then it can injure the tongue too. It also becomes difficult to restrict the tongue longer to one particular area in the mouth.

3. Difficulty in speaking

A broken tooth will constantly create problems while speaking as the tongue will unusually keep touching the missing tooth area. Many of the long tail words will be difficult to speak.

4. Avoid smiling

Broken Tooth - Woman hesitating to smile

As tooth loss may not look proper, many people will try to avoid the smile. This will affect their social interactions.

Fixing a broken tooth:

These are a few treatments that your dentist would suggest to fix a broken tooth.

1. Dental Bonding

In case the smaller part is remaining after the tooth breaks, then the dental expert may suggest the bandage to cover the pulp area of the tooth. A complete cure is possible in some cases. A temporary filling is also another option.

2. Ceramic Filling

The ceramic filling is the other option for tooth loss. This is possible in just two sittings. Here, crowns and inlays are used and they are made in the laboratory with materials like zircon or gold. Also, temporary restorations is necessary before the final treatment solution. Many people find this very comfortable treatment solution.

3. Root Canal

In the case of the broken tooth, there are some cases where the large pulp area remains open. Here, the dental expert will remove the soft pulp part inside the tooth. Here, the natural tooth that has a solid shell is kept in place. In case the support and the other lower structure of the tooth are strong then the root canal treatment is the best choice. Once the root canal treatment is complete, the area needs to be filled properly. After some duration, the cap is put above the tooth where the root canal is done.

4. Crowns

After root canal treatment the tooth needs protection with a crown. It can cover a condition like broken teeth as well. Proper technology is used to make a crown that suits your teeth and gum. Zircon or gold materials are used to make a crown. Later, the dental expert will work in coordination with the laboratory technician.

5. Dental Implants

Broken tooth - Woman checking dental implants

In cases particularly where the tooth breaking goes to the level of bone or gums, dental implants are used. The dental expert here will clear the surrounding area properly before putting an implant. Afterward, the portion of the gum or bone is removed. It will help to put the implant properly.

So, these are some of the treatment solutions if a tooth breaks. The dentist will assess the situation of the tooth with X-rays. When you go to fix broken teeth, make sure that you make the proper decision about the type of treatment. After getting any of the treatments after tooth loss, it is important to do a routine check-up of the treatment. Also, special care is unavoidable to ensure that it works properly. The suggestion from the dental expert at the proper stages is very important during the process of treatment.

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