Are Braces Needed To Close Gaps In The Teeth?

We must have observed many of the people who have gaps between the teeth. When it comes to children the presence of gaps in teeth is natural and it is an integral part of the growth process. These spaces exist because the permanent teeth are larger when compared to the deciduous teeth which get replaced. The lack of spaces among the children can also create the problem of overcrowding.

Gaps in teeth - Kid smiling

These gaps in teeth reduce when a person grows up. However, in some cases, the problem continues to exist due to several reasons.

Causes for the gaps in teeth:

1. Jaw and teeth size mismatch

Generally, these gaps between the teeth exist due to the mismatch between the size of the jaw and the size of the teeth. Or the jaw size is more than the size of the teeth. Also, the missing of natural teeth can also cause the gap teeth problem. When the gap is between the front teeth, it is tough to hide. It also does not now look good while smiling or talking. So, these people tend to remain behind due to awkward feelings. Also, the food items easily get stuck up between the gaps of the teeth. The better way to get the solution to the gap between the teeth is to get the braces treatment.

2. Growth of extra tissue

The main cause for the gap between the teeth is teeth and jaw size mismatch. It generally occurs due to genetic reasons where the space between the teeth starts developing. The proper Orthodontic treatment can help to get the proper positioning of these teeth.

Gap in teeth - Woman with gap in her teeth

3. Some other bad habits

In some cases, the growth of the extra tissue above the teeth is also responsible for the gap between the teeth. Generally, many people have these tissues which are generally smaller. However, if the tissue overgrows then it creates a gap between the teeth.

Apart from these natural things, some of the other bad habits from childhood can also create a gap between teeth. Some of these habits include tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, etc.

4. Pushing tongue

Some children also have the habit of pushing the tongue continuously on the front teeth. It can lead to a gap between the teeth.

The gap between teeth treatment is possible with the proper Orthodontic treatment. It is not a difficult process, still, if the case is extreme then it is difficult. There are various ways to treat the problem of the gap between teeth. Generally, braces treatments are the primary choice for most Orthodontists to treat this problem.

Braces treatment to close gaps in teeth:

Braces can be used to make the adjustment in the teeth where the gap is there. If the gap is small, then we can opt for different other simple ways. However, if the gap is larger, the braces are the best choice for the treatment. Here, you need to have adult teeth for this treatment. The child’s teeth grow with uneven gaps, but these would shed, and new ones would come. However, the adult teeth are the ones that will be there for a longer duration. So, once all the adult teeth develop, the dental expert will suggest an ideal gap between teeth treatment.

Gap in teeth - Fixing it with braces

Which braces to choose for gaps between the teeth treatment?

Initially, the orthodontist will assess the situation of the gap between your teeth using various X-rays and other methods. Depending on the complexity of your problem and the suitability, you will be suggested for the specific braces treatment. Generally, metal braces are one of the ideal ways for the treatment that has been used for long years. It also has a very nice success rate which makes it possible to give the desired results.

If the patient desires, they also can go for ceramic braces which are similar to metal braces. However, the similarity of the color with that of the teeth makes them difficult to detect. For treating the gap between the teeth, lingual braces can also be used. However, lingual braces are suggested very little for treating the gap teeth problem. It is usually due to the complexity and slower treatment for this problem. Aligners like SDalign are the latest treatments that are now used by many people. Here, the braces can be removed while flossing, brushing, or other important activity. They can give a better gap between teeth treatment.

People who want to truly get rid of the gap teeth problem must opt for the braces treatment sooner. Just a few visits can help you to get the teeth aligned in a proper manner helping you to get a better smile easily.

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