Know Everything About Scoliosis Treatment In Adults

Scoliosis is an unnatural curve on our spine that usually appears during our growth stage. A spine naturally grows straight. If you have Scoliosis, you will find a mild or significant tilt in its structure. Let us learn more about scoliosis treatment in adults.

Scoliosis treatment

What is adult Scoliosis?

Our spine usually has some forward and backward curves. If you have Scoliosis, a side-to-side curve will develop. It can be a mild curve of 10 degrees or a significant curve of 100 degrees. In most cases, this spinal defect is detected at an early stage. 

But, when the defect is found after completing our skeletal growth, it is called adult Scoliosis. For most mild cases, there is no need for scoliosis treatment. Only when you feel pain or a problem in movement, do you need to see a doctor.

What are the causes of adult Scoliosis?

Adult Scoliosis treatment

Many factors can trigger adult Scoliosis. Though it is not a painful defect, as you get old, your spine becomes weaker, and during the surgery, it may cause some hassles. Here are some of the causes that can promote the formation of Scoliosis;

1. Neuromuscular issues

In this condition, our nerves and muscles get affected. It includes poliomyelitis, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy. 

2. Birth defects

If you have Scoliosis from your birth, it is called congenital Scoliosis. It is one of the rarest conditions. When the fetus is growing, if there is an abnormal growth in the spinal bones, you may end up with Scoliosis.

3. Genetic cause

In the development of scoliosis, genes play an important role. Doctors say, at least one of the genes influences the development of Scoliosis.

4. Length of leg

Though rare, some of us have one leg slightly longer than the other. This condition can trigger the development of Scoliosis.

5. Syndromic formation

Any health issue may trigger the growth of Scoliosis. For example, if you have Marfan’s syndrome or neurofibromatosis, some deformity in your spine may appear.

6. Osteoporosis

It is a condition where our bones degenerate constantly. It can trigger secondary Scoliosis.

7. Serious injuries

You can have Scoliosis due to some severe injuries. If you happened to be injured in an accident that resulted in the spine being badly damaged, you might develop Scoliosis.

8. Bad posture

Bad posture affects the structure of our spine. When we sit, lie, or stand in a poor posture, the spine feels extra pressure. It may trigger Scoliosis.

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9. Carrying loads

Sometimes, carrying or lifting heavy goods can cause deformity in your spinal structure. Because of the excessive pressure, the tissues and bones in our spine get damaged, which causes spinal deformity.

Scoliosis treatment in adults

What are the symptoms of adult Scoliosis?

There are some significant symptoms of Scoliosis. It will affect your appearance and movements. They are;

  • Your head may seem a bit tilted or off-centered.
  • Both your ribs will have slightly different heights.
  • One of your hips will look more prominent than your other hip.
  • Your clothes will hang unevenly.
  • Both your shoulders will not be aligned. One will be a little higher than the other. 
  • You will be leaning to one side.
  • One of your legs will be longer than the other.
  • There will be a prominent curve on your back.
  • Your waist will look uneven.
  • One of your shoulder blades will look bigger than the other.
  • One of your ribs will stick out farther than the other.
  • You may also feel back pain and stiffness.
  • Your legs might feel numb or painful.
  • You may feel fatigued.

How to treat adult Scoliosis?

If you have mild Scoliosis, no treatment will be needed. Your doctor may ask you for yearly checkups to monitor your condition. If the condition is getting worse, there are two types of treatment.

  • Conservative method
  • Surgical treatment

Conservative method

It is a non-operative method for people with mild Scoliosis. In this case, the doctor monitors the patient regularly and suggests some medication and exercises. These exercises improve the core strength and flexibility of a patient. 

If you smoke, you must quit smoking as it promotes faster muscle and bone degradation. Your doctor can also suggest physical therapies.

Surgical scoliosis treatment

If you are facing severe problems, you have to go for surgery to fix the problem permanently. It will improve your quality of life. 


Having adult Scoliosis is not very rare. Anyone can develop this spinal deformity even when they are an adult. Though it will not cause any serious discomfort in your daily life, in the future, this can affect your overall health. That is why you must see the best doctor and get scoliosis treatment. 

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