Witnessing Smoggy Weather Due To Air Pollutants? This is What You Need

Each and every corner of the world has, at some point in time, witnessed air pollution. Mainly in a country like ours, the metro cities are prominent victims of air pollution. This pollution is not necessarily human-made. Weather, too, can play an integral part. Sometimes, highly polluted air pockets form due to weather conditions, which drastically worsens the existing air pollution. Harmful air pollutants can enter your area because of the wind and spread air pollution. Not only the outdoor air, but Indoor pollution is also rampant these days.

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However, it is vital to be aware of how air pollution due to human-made or natural causes affects your health. One way to lessen its impact on your health is by opting for an air pollution face mask. You can wear good quality masks to protect yourself against toxic air pollutants present in the ambient air.

The wide variety of masks available in the market makes it difficult to choose the right mask. Some are disposable, some are reusable, and some are made for distinct jobs. With so many kinds of face masks – ranging from low-priced to high-priced ones, it is bound to get confusing.

How to choose the best anti-pollution masks for you?

Hence, it is quite imperative to know which one is most suitable for you. Keep these factors in mind to decide the best-suited anti-pollution face mask:

1. Face fit

When you are on the lookout for an anti-pollution face mask, the most notable feature you must look for is the face fit. The idea of wearing a good mask is to achieve a stable seal. Hence make sure that your face mask provides it. However, do not compromise on your comfort as well.

Choose an anti-pollution face mask that offers a neat and snug fit, not too loose and not too tight. If air leaks through your mask, mainly around the bridge of the nose, then it might be worth trying a different mask size. You should also check for creases and fit to avoid redness or marks on your facial skin.

2. Health condition

The chances of deteriorating health are higher in smoggy weather conditions. To prevent them, it is crucial to opt for a suitable anti-pollution mask. There are two main types of anti-pollution face masks available – reusable and disposable. Both these masks are for prevention and protection from air pollutants.

Disposable masks may allow air and microbe leakages or cause choking sensations from suffocation. Though they are relatively cheaper, they are not the most cost-effective or eco-friendly option. On the other hand, reusable anti-pollution face masks are washable and offer high-level comfort. It provides low-in mask humidity and higher thermal conductivity. These are the required benefits of face masks to allow comfortable breathability.

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3. Higher filtration efficiency

While looking for an anti-pollution air face mask, you should look for a mask that filters out at least 95 percent of the air pollutants, including PM 2.5.

With the ongoing pandemic, it has become even more vital to choose an anti-pollution mask with high filtration efficiency. Otherwise, the chances of getting a viral infection are more. In case you suffer from any health problems, wearing a face mask whenever outside is a must. Choose an anti-pollution face mask that ensures proper protection and prevents any exposure to the virus.

These are a few essentials that should be present in your anti-pollution face mask. If you wonder how you will find a mask with all these properties, you do not have to worry. You can opt for a reliable solution for all – Airific 2.0 mask from Nirvana Being.

A reusable and washable mask, Airific 2.0 is a three-layer mask. It is certified as a Community Mask in the European Union as per CWA 17553:2020. Its middle layer is made with an electrospun nanofibre media. It is also infused with antibacterial additives to trap even the tiny air pollutants. This further allows it to capture particles with a lower pressure drop making it extremely comfortable with the lowest breathing resistance. You should opt for this mask if you face any breathing difficulty. Tested with a VFE, BFE >95% by Nelson Labs, USA, this product is highly efficient in keeping air pollutants away and harming your body.

With a high capture index, it can be confidently worn in mild to badly polluted conditions. To offer a customized fit, you can find this anti-pollution mask in five different sizes. Pick the best one, and stay safe by keeping the air pollutants at bay.

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