5 Best Daily Routine For A Healthy Life During The Pandemic

During this pandemic, it would be safe to say that you are not successful if you don’t have healthy habits to follow every day. The good daily habits of successful people are the secret to their wellbeing. The post-pandemic times saw a surge in health-conscious, diet-conscious workout enthusiasts. As the saying goes health is indeed the most valuable wealth. We’ve collaborated with HealthOnWay, a platform that offers solutions for lifestyle modification and improving sleep quality. Take a look at the five best daily routines for a healthy life during the pandemic.

Best Daily Routines For A Healthy Life

5 Best daily routine for a healthy life:

1. Meditation (Gym for the mind)

Meditation is at the top of healthy habits to follow every day. It is a simple exercise of the mind to observe our thoughts and try to focus it on one thing ( imaginary object, breath etc). Visualising yourself in the best shape and health is a good daily habit. 10-15 minutes of meditation can be a great start. If you are new to this, just sit comfortably on a chair, close your eyes and gently focus on breathing. The main objective of this good daily habit is to bring our focus on one particular aspect (breathing) to sharpen our focus. In pandemic times, this has to be one of the best daily routine for a healthy life

Best Daily Routines For A Healthy Life - Meditation

2. No devices one hour before sleep

Even before we speak about the best daily routine for a healthy life, good sleep is non-negotiable. Exposure to screen time directly results in loss of sleep quality. Our body releases Melatonin (sleep inducing hormone) which is light sensitive. Too much exposure to light delays the release of this hormone and hampers our sleep quality. This is a very good daily habit.

Decide a cut-off time for electronic devices 1 hour before bedtime for an amazing quality of sleep. One hack is to keep a recurring alarm 1 hour before bedtime.

Best Daily Routines For A Healthy Life - Digital detox

3. Journaling

We all have a dustbin to dispose of waste material. How do we dispose of thoughts which do not serve us? Journaling, one of the most widely followed daily habits of successful people is the answer. 

Interaction at work, family, personal expectations and uncertain activities during the day cause a lot of emotional disturbance in our mind. Journaling is a great tool to let out those emotions and sleep with a clean and healthy mind. All you need is a pen and paper (No typing plz). If you are new to this practice, just write down 3 things that you are grateful for during the entire day. Many neuroscience experts claim that journaling, which is much more than a good daily habit, is one of the best daily routine for a healthy life.

Best Daily Routines For A Healthy Life - Journaling

4. Plan tasks for the next day

Imagine walking in your kitchen with 9-10 plates in one hand and 7-8 glasses in the other. It is just a matter of time we would drop them off. That’s exactly what goes on in our mind we are subconsciously juggling between our to-do lists, hence our focus is disturbed. How do we form a good daily habit to reduce this? Just taking 5 mins to plan tasks for the next day, is a powerful tool to calm our minds down and focus on priority tasks. If you are a working professional, this is the number one healthy habit to follow every day. This is also rated as one of the most effective daily habits of successful people.

5. Positive mental diet (Reading)

When we speak about the best daily routine for a healthy life and holistic wellness, reading is a must. We all frequently check our Whatsapp forwards, which is not a good daily habit, where we read mostly about negative news. It is our own responsibility to uplift ourselves and stay positive. Reading self-help, spiritual or positive books is a great way to forge our hope and positivity, to negate the effect of all the bad news that we are consciously or subconsciously consuming. 

List of self-help books:

  1. The Magic by Rhonda Byrne (Simon & Schuster): We all fail to realize the purpose of our life. We do live and fulfill most of our dreams, yet feel something missing within us. This feeling of being lost and wandering around often comes without any answers which can get frustrating and draining. This is exactly why we all need some ‘magic’ in our life to help us out. This is where Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Magic’ enters the fray
  2. Quiet by Penguin: Our lives are driven by a fact that most of us can’t name and don’t understand. It defines who our friends and lovers are, which careers we choose, and whether we blush when we’re embarrassed.
  3. The Little Book of Encouragement by Penguin Viking: His Holiness The Dalai Lama, a perennial source of inspiration, is one of the most eminent spiritual leaders in the world. Recipient of the Noble Peace Prize, His Holiness’s life and works have inspired millions of lives throughout the world. In this specially curated companion volume, His Holiness shares words of encouragement to deal with new realities in a pandemic-stricken world.
  4. Self Help by Faber & Faber: This absorbing, ironic, bitter-sweet collection of nine stories marked Lorrie Moore’s talented debut. Sharp, cruel and funny, the stories are presented as a highly idiosyncratic guide to female existence: ‘How to be an Other Woman’, ‘How to Talk to Your Mother (Notes)’, ‘How to Become a Writer’, ‘The Kid’s Guide to Divorce’.
  5. The Other Side of Happiness: Embracing a More Fearless Approach to Living by Penguin: Pain is bad, right? In this fascinating book, Brock Bastian will convince you otherwise. Drawing on both vivid everyday examples and surprising laboratory findings, he shows how pain, suffering, and struggle give us pleasure, makes us kinder, focus our thoughts, and give our life meaning’ Paul Bloom, author of Against Empathy.
Reading for wellness

About the author: Varun Sai, Co-founder and lifestyle coach, HealthOnway Clinic. Varun has over 5+ years of experience in the health and well-being segment. Being a “Lifestyle Coach” at HealthOnway, Varun has consulted 1000+ clients on healthy habits, lifestyle modification and improving sleep quality. (www.healthonwayclinic.com)

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