To The Woman At The School Who Shamed Me For Not Filming My Daughter Fast Enough 01

To The Woman At The School Who Shamed Me For Not Filming My Daughter Fast Enough

by Tasneem Dhinojwala This is to that woman at my daughter’s school who shamed me for not filming her fast enough, here is what you should know about me and several others like me Photographs are records of our past- memories stored in paper form as albums or as pixels in our smartphones, hard drives…

Leadership Lessons 01

Leadership Lessons From Top 10 Mom Leaders Across The World

A mother’s sense of her own identity and imagery is often consumed by her role as a mom. Here are 10 great moms leaders who can inspire our parenting styles for the best!

Cleaning basics which changed my life 01

10 Cleaning Basics Which Changed My Life and House Forever

We are sure, at least nine out of ten women have some amazing hacks written on their notebooks, but sometimes we are too lazy to do the basic cleaning. Today we bring to you some super easy cleaning hacks.

number of fights between my children 01

The #YesChallenge has reduced the number of fights between my children

On a recent visit to Bangalore, I came across a very unique and interesting challenge – the #YesChallenge that is part of the #YesMom Movement.

Activities to keep kids busy 02

Top 5 activities to keep kids busy when a parent falls sick

Falling sick is natural and inevitable. Just like us, all moms want to cover themselves under the comforting blankets and take a break from the daily chores of the house and not worry about her kid.

mom blogs 15

This is how mom blogs make a difference to a brand

The current year has seen a sudden spurt in the growth of social media apps. You can purchase household and grooming products, clothes and other stuff by sitting in the luxury of your home.

How does obesity effect 01

How does obesity effect a woman’s body

Yet most of us forget it on daily basis and continue to live a fast-paced life. Following deadlines, eating junk, cutting down on our sleep, getting too busy taking care of our little ones.

The journey of parenthood 01

The journey of parenthood – How to overcome the challenges?

Congratulations on being a parent. Your life has changed forever. And in this new life you will need a new set of trusted friends who can be with you when you need them.


7 Clever single parenting tips and hacks for daily use

Parenting is hard, and being a single mom makes the stakes even higher. As a single parent, managing everything can be quite a task, with ever-growing emotional as well as physical demands of the kids.


16 Mother quotes she says infinite times a day

Love, happiness, sadness, anger, etc., anything and everything, mothers always express their emotions with an extra edge.

This new year – personalization takes over regular gifting!

This new year, I made a little promise to myself. The deal is that 2016 was a lot more complex for this mommy of a pre-schooler.


Anyone else not ready for a second child? Because I’m not

Of late, I’ve been taking a lot of those silly online quizzes. In fact, I just took this one that wanted to know if I was really ready for another baby.


Baby Dove Children’s Day contest winners announced!

A mother’s instinct can be very strong and that’s why majority mothers know what’s best for their babies.


Reasons why Indian wives and moms are always very stressed

A Nielsen survey conducted in 6,500 women across 21 different nations in the year 2011 suggested Indian women are the most stressed in the world today.


4 Crucial things to keep in mind when shortlisting a pediatrician?

Most expecting and new parents these days do all their homework way well in advance. From preparing a hospital checklist to downloading apps that keep an amazing track of the day-by-day baby-growth.


Kids salon for an amazing first time haircut experience!

Planning to get your child’s mundan done? Are you worried about all the torture that the little baby will have to put up with?

Moms never have time 01

Top 3 reasons why moms never have time to spare

Unlike before, these days I look forward to my 10 minute morning ritual. It includes sipping a cup of cold tea and savoring the taste of the biscuit.

Temptations can't resist 07

6 Kids temptations that even parents can’t resist

Define ‘temptation’? If I were to define from a kid’s point-of-view, I would say- eating marshmallows, licking ice lollies, savoring the taste of an Oreo cookie, going out for animation movies.

Never challenge a modern mom 02

Sew You! Never challenge a modern mom

One day, my husband returned from work complaining of how buttons popped out from his shirt’s cuffs right in the middle of a presentation.

When new moms cry 01

6 Awful and cheerful moments when new moms cry

Ever seen a new mom crying out of love and tiredness, both at the same time? Well, here are my 6 awful and cheerful moments. My baby has seen his new mom crying a million times!

Bollywood celebrities children 21

Top 16 Bollywood Celebrities With Their Children

Last week at a hip kids’ store launch I saw one of the A-listers attending the event with her little one. She looked like a mini-version of her star mom.

5 Most Popular Posts Of 2015 - Featured

5 Most Popular Posts Of 2015

Here are our 5 Most Popular Posts Of 2015 on motherhood and parenting.

The Best Christmas Parade For Kids 02

The Best Christmas Parade For Kids

This Christmas was celebrated at Hamleys store at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. It was so much fun! Brat H and I had a lot of time to ourselves.

How to organize clothes 04

Life changing tips for mothers on how to organize clothes

As a new mom, you want to continue living in an organized and squeaky clean house for the sake of your bundle of joy and for the sake of your sanity.

Life of mother 03

Life of a mother – A ‘Facebook Mom’

I often rant too much about all the dirty dishes and the piles of unlimited laundry. And, then I have a husband who is in love with the color white. His entire wardrobe is full of whites.

Superwoman 04

Your mum is not a superwoman

I am writing this letter in agony. Just as you don’t have pretty mornings and smooth nights, likewise, I don’t too. And today has been a terrible one.

Summer beauty tips for mothers – 4 Amazing DIY foot care remedies

Cracked, dull looking, and super tired feet is a common problem in winters, but usually a pair of socks takes care of that issue. But in summers, we prefer airy, light and summery footwear. And I wouldn’t want to be found flaunting my dirty-dirty feet in my all new open toe heel!

Krackerjack Karnival 20

Kids had a gala time at the 5th edition of Krackerjack Karnival’2015

TCT takes you through the pictures of the lovely Krackerjack Karnival that was recently held at Gurgaon! Brat H had a gala time. Check out how much fun he had! Krackerjack Karnival saw lots of happy and cheerful faces as kids and their parents enjoyed their share of activities, which were both fun and educational.

Main attractions Krackerjack Karnival 02.png

Main attractions at the 5th edition of Krackerjack Karnival

TCT has compiled a list of main attractions at the upcoming Krackerjack Karnival. Take a look at the key highlights and get set to be a part of India’s biggest kids festival!

Krackerjack Karnival 04

Get ready for two days of fun & frolic with the 5th edition of the Krackerjack Karnival

Spring is in the air, and so is India’s biggest kids festival – the Krackerjack Karnival. Entering its 5th edition, India’s largest event dedicated to kids and families is bringing two full days of fun and euphoria to Epicenter, Gurgaon, from 18 to 19 April, 2015.