Children Who Grow Up With Pet Animals Are Emotionally More Intelligent

We grew up with pets when we were kids. I’m talking about myself and the siblings in our joint family. But, my cousins’ hose who didn’t have any at their own place, there was one pet that they fondly remember at our place. We cannot deny the fact that our childhood was pretty fun and awesome, all thanks to the furry creatures at home. 

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Benefits of pets for child development:

We all know kids love animals, no wonder animal names and sounds are one of the first things they learn even before they start school. It is a known fact that having pets at home is therapeutic and a great way of getting engaged and interactive with them. But apart from these, there are a lot many advantages of raising pets and kids in the same home. Here are a few reasons in support of the fact that children who grow up with pet animals are more emotionally intelligent.

5 Ways in which children who grow up with pet animals benefit:

1. Pets lighten your mood

Ever heard the saying? Pets are your best friend and companion in case of a heartbreak! Well not only heartbreaks, but pets have also been a source of constant companionship through time immemorial. Pets have helped kids battle emotional outbursts and helped people push old-age loneliness down the drain. Having pets at home helps in relaxation and gives relief from stressful situations.

2. Pets inculcate passion

Teaching kids about compassion, kindness, and empathy are one of the first of the many lessons which begin at home. So, what better way than developing these feelings towards our lovely pets. Research has shown that kids who are more loving, caring towards animals are said to nurture similar feelings and be more considerate in their relations to their immediate family members and the society in large.

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3. Pets help in learning

It is a known fact that pets can be the best of the best companions on planet Earth. But apart from that, they are also very good teachers-in an indirect way! Research and studies have shown that kids have enhanced cognitive and emotional development when there is a pet at home. Families have found great healing power in pets as far as dealing with autistic kids is concerned. Time and again studies have proved that children with pets are more academically motivated.

4. Pets help in raising responsible kids

Having a pet at home, especially a dog requires all sorts of taking care, as though you are raising a human kid. From the daily responsibility of taking care of the fur baby which includes feeding, bathing, and daily walks, a kid can learn a lot about the daily nuances of life, which in turn will prepare him for the life ahead when he grows up.

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5. Pets are the best companions

No wonder it is said that dogs are a man’s best friend. The same applies to other pets as well! You never know someone might wait for you after you arrive home after a hard day’s work, but there are high chances that your pet would be waiting for you. Pets are also helpful in situations where kids might feel that they are being judged for saying something or the other. When kids feel angry, sad, or demotivated, they can always turn to their pets for some motivation, cuddles, and a lot of love!

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