Father’s Day Vox Pop 1 – When Kids Leave You Stumped

It is not for nothing that wisdom tells us that “child is the father of man”. In the month that celebrates Father’s Day, we got some dads to share times when words of wisdom, or humor, from their children that left them stupefied.

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Mrigank Bose:

Product manager, digital Innovations – talks about his son Aarush

“I was definitely stumped by a question once from my son Aarush- “Am I a boy or a girl?” I wasn’t sure how to answer, so I reacted in an obvious way and told him he’s a boy. And he further asked me ‘why?!’ I really had no answer because I did not know how to explain it to a 3-year-old. “At his age, he really doesn’t care what your gender is – he will make friends and want to play, regardless of any discrimination.”

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Yogesh Bahal:

Businessman, 38 years – talks about his daughter Vidisha

“These days’ kids are over intelligent and energetic. This is certainly true for the way they think as well. I can remember an incident about my daughter Vidisha which made me realize how quickly kids grow up and the kind of intelligence they have. My little angel Vidisha came home from her school and suddenly said that- “Papa, I am your real daughter and Sanchit (her younger brother) is mama’s boy.” So I asked her- what made her think like that, and that both of them are our kids. The answer which came from this cute, chubby-year-old girl was a shocker and yet made all of us laugh our hearts out. She replied, “I am your daughter because my blood group is the same as yours, and Sanchit’s blood group is same as mumma’s, that’s why he is mumma’s son!”

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Vikram Sivaramakrishnan:

Advertising & Media Professional, 43 – talks about his son Rishabh:

“In 2008, my colleague had invited me to her niece’s first birthday. My younger child Rishabh was a little over two years himself. We both carried a huge teddy bear as a gift for the little birthday girl who was bald, toothless, and smaller than some of the toys gifted to her. When we were leaving the party, my colleague thanked Rishabh for coming as a guest. Rishabh looked around (wondering where in heaven’s name are those return gifts) and said to my colleague, ‘humaara samaan de do (please return our things)!’ It was a tad embarrassing and very amusing, I must say!”

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Manish Dabas

Engineer – talks about his son Heyrumb:

“My son heard that ‘Bomb lagdi mainu’ (you look bomb-hot) song by Yo Yo Honey Singh. He came up to me and said that he could understand the ‘hot lagdi’ (looks hot) bit because maybe the pretty girl in the video has a fever, but he could not understand why was she a ‘bomb’. I had to use a lot of restraint to keep myself from laughing out loud and with as straight a face I could possibly keep. I tried to explain to him how if his mother gets angry, she explodes and blasts us, so maybe Yo-Yo has done something wrong and she is about to blast him and that’s why he thinks she looks like a bomb. “I think it was rather witty on my part!”

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