The power of a good warm hug

Why do we love hugs so much? It’s because of the healing strength of hugging! Let’s read on to know the truth behind the power of a mother’s hug

“I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words,” said Ann Hood. There is not a day when this saying hasn’t held true, the strength of a hug goes beyond just emotional well-being but extends to your child’s physical development too.power-of-hug-01

From being a stay-at-home-mom, to living the life of a stay-at-home-working-mom, and off-late, settling into a ‘proper’ full-time job, we’ve had to make a few adjustments to our daily schedule. The transition across all these three phases wasn’t easy. The first 18 months after childbirth takes a lot out of a new mum; the learning was never ending, and I the eager student. Besides, my son was never ready to let go of me. But, one-day things changed. These days, he can survive those eight hours without me. However, there is only one thing that made this switch a seamless one, our hugs!

His arms wrapped around my neck, with his shoulders and face resting on my bosom. I have heard him inhale as if trying to sniff the fragrance or sweat off my nape. This one feeling hasn’t changed at all. This sense of wanting to be swallowed by my love. My arms around him and his around my shoulders. This feeling feels the same, so full of warmth.

We have never found time to click selfies. Hugging it out after we have cried for hours, brooding over a broken toy. Hugging it out after having fought the sleep and those aimless hours of wandering around the house. Hugging it out after arguing with daddy over our screen time.power-of-hug-02

There is nothing more beautiful than to hold your little one in your arms, to grasp his small hand and walk around. And so we may never have found time to capture such moments, but that’s only because my son and I have been terribly busy making beautiful memories together!

There is something so incredibly gorgeous about making memories. Those memories which are locked in your mind. The warmth of those kisses, the balminess of those hugs, and that quivering grip, not so firm, yet so tight.

He trusts my firm grip around his hand and has faith in my love. He believes in our hug-it-out time.

Well! Now, that’s the strength of a good hug. I don’t often tell him how much I love him. As a full-time-working-mom, I don’t get much time to spend with him. But, at nights, while putting him to sleep, something amazing happens. Even in his tired-half-sleepy state, he wraps his arms around my waist. We hug.

Embracing your child can make the baby healthier and happier in ways you can never imagine. A lot of studies have proved that kids, who aren’t touched, kissed or hugged by their parents in the first few weeks of their birth not only fail to flourish physically, but in extreme circumstances, even face emotional repercussions. Children who are often hugged develop and grow quickly.


The magic and science behind a mother’s hug form the basis of the all new Huggies Wonder Pants, which are inspired by a mother’s hug.

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