Top 10 phrases your child wants to hear from you

by Ila Asthana

Expert 03Are you recognizing the need to build up your child every day? Kids need affirmation. Read on to know the top 10 phrases which every child who hears them from a parent, grows on to become a loving human being

A positive compliment and appreciation always give a sense of comfort and energy. How do you feel when someone appreciates your choice of dress, bag or when you did a great job? How do you feel when you are treasured for your abilities in a group or individually? Such moments in life, lift you up in the most constructive manner and adds an optimistic outlook on life. It’s the same with children. Your child wants to hear those golden words from you which are filled with love and inspiration. Your child wants to hear the most constructive and happy thoughts from you.Child wants to hear from you 01

Many scientific studies have clearly indicated that a child, which is valued and respected by his or her parents are can bring the most positive impact in oneself and in the world. Such children possess great endurance towards life and can fight against the odds. 

Read along to grab the top 10 phrases your child wants to hear from you:

1. I love you:

Isn’t this obvious? All parents love their children. Yet, it is fundamental to say it aloud to your child. Your child wants to discern the fact that you love them unconditionally at every point of time in life. Be open and say ‘I Love You’ to your child and see the magic in their growth. Make this as a happy family culture. Once a day feels good.Child wants to hear from you 02

2. I believe in you:

Self-doubt is a part of our learning phase during our childhood and adolescent. Every child at some point in time, goes through this emotion. Am I worthy? Can I do this? Am I good enough? A normal course of questions which children ask themselves. Be their loyal confidant and a friend who trusts in them. Tell your child in every step of their life that, ‘I Believe in You’. A four worded statement which catalysis their life decisions in the most positive fashion.Child wants to hear from you 03

3. Will you forgive me?:

Kids always look up to parents for every trait in them. Apologizing to your kid would be a little hard, because at times, pride comes into the picture. Yet, be a mentor of life and show them against the pride, one should always seek an apology when committed a mistake. When you are rude to them, go and ask an apology to them – ‘Will you forgive me for my rude behavior?’  Such actions create humility in them and kids develop a greater respect for the relationship.Child wants to hear from you 04

4. I am proud of you:

As parents, we are always proud of our children. Yes, sometimes we are disappointed. But, there are millions of times when we are always proud of their simple and daily gestures of life. You don’t have brag about it. But, if you assure in such scenarios that, ‘I am Proud of You and Your Behavior’, or ‘I am Proud of You and your way of sharing your toys’, kids automatically feel elated about their activity and continue to do that positive activity. In short, it can bring in an attitudinal change.Child wants to hear from you 05

5. You are a good person:

No matter what the teacher, friend, cousins or relatives talk about your child, you as a parent should always appreciate the good person inside your child. Say ‘You are a good person’ and see how your child rises up against the negative pigeonholing of the society. This makes them feel confident about the good qualities in them and encourages them to go past the negative happenings.Child wants to hear from you 06

6. You are special:

This is very big. Your child is certainly important and special to you. But how many times have you told your child vocally that, ‘You are Special’? If you haven’t told for a while, today is the day. Utter those golden words and enhance your child’s self-esteem. A warm hug with those words would be the right dose of energy needed for your child.Child wants to hear from you 07

7. Listen to your instincts:

Ask your child hundreds of questions when he or she comes to you with a problem. After all the question and answer session, teach your child to listen to their instincts. Tell them sometimes instincts succeed and sometimes fail. ‘Listen to your instincts’ is an amazing way to teach them to be aware of their own thoughts and emotions in a better way. This will also make them base their decisions on their thoughts, leaving with no regrets in life.Child wants to hear from you 08

8. That’s a great idea:

Always when a child comes up to you with an idea, you as a parent must always utter ‘That’s a great idea’ as the first statement. Later, explain to them the pros and cons of the idea. This way they are always encouraged to be vocal about their imaginations and fascinations.Child wants to hear from you 09

9. You make me smile:

When you feel your child has lost its way, or when your child has negative, discouraged or feeling low, this is the mantra to follow. Go and give them a tight hug, make them feel special and tell them that they are the reasons for your smile. They are the sunshine of your life. See the magic on your child once you utter these words.Child wants to hear from you 10

10. Follow your dreams:

We felt elated when our mom or dad said always ‘Follow your dreams’. Go on and pass the legacy. As parents always tell and encourage your child to ‘Follow their Dreams’. Never allow them to feel small with their dreams. Every dream is a vision for life. Make their life filled with their dreams.

Parenting is not just about giving food, shelter, clothing, education, etc. To me, parenting is all about raising a happy, positive and an independent kid that can face the hardships of life with a smile.



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