Top 10 Phrases Your Child Wants To Hear From You

Positive compliments and appreciation always bring comfort and energy. Think about how you feel when someone admires your style, and choices, or praises your achievements. Such moments uplift us in a constructive way and foster an optimistic outlook on life. It’s no different for children. Your child wants to hear those golden words from you, filled with love and inspiration. Share the most constructive and happy thoughts with your little one to create a positive impact on their life.

Parenting goes beyond fulfilling the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, and education. To me, it encompasses the art of raising a child who exudes happiness, positivity, and independence. As parents, our ultimate goal is to nurture a resilient and self-assured individual who can confront life’s challenges with a genuine smile.

Your child wants to hear that they are valued and cherished, creating a happy child by instilling a sense of security and love within them. It’s about fostering an environment where they feel cherished and supported, enabling them to embrace life with optimism and enthusiasm. Nurturing positivity in a child involves encouraging a mindset that seeks opportunities amidst obstacles, believes in their abilities, and maintains a hopeful outlook.

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Numerous scientific studies have unequivocally shown that when parents value and respect their child, it has a profoundly positive impact on both the child and the world. Such children exhibit remarkable resilience and can overcome adversities with strength.

Read along to grab the top 10 phrases your child wants to hear from you:

1. I love you:

Isn’t it evident? Every parent loves their children. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to express it verbally to your child. They yearn to know that you love them unconditionally throughout life. Embrace openness and say ‘I Love You’ to your child, and witness the magical impact on their growth. Make it a joyful family tradition. Saying it once a day feels wonderful.

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2. I believe in you:

Self-doubt is a natural part of our learning journey in childhood and adolescence. Every child experiences this emotion at some point. “Am I worthy? Can I do this? Am I good enough?” These common questions linger in their minds. As their loyal confidant and friend, be the one who trusts in them. Remind your child at every step of their life, “I Believe in You.” These four words have the power to positively shape their life decisions.

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3. Will you forgive me?:

Children always observe and learn from their parents, adopting various traits from them. Apologizing to your child might be challenging at times due to pride. Nevertheless, be a life mentor and demonstrate that apologizing is essential when we make mistakes. When you’re rude to your child, take the initiative to apologize, saying, “Will you forgive me for my rude behavior?” Such actions instill humility in them and foster a deeper respect for the parent-child relationship.

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4. I am proud of you:

As parents, we constantly feel pride in our children. Though occasionally, there might be moments of disappointment, there are countless times when we are genuinely proud of their simple, daily gestures. We don’t need to boast about it, but by assuring them, “I am Proud of You and Your Behavior,” or “I am Proud of You and your way of sharing your toys,” kids feel elated about their actions and are encouraged to continue with positive behavior. In essence, it can lead to a positive attitudinal change.

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5. You are a good person:

Regardless of what teachers, friends, cousins, or relatives may say about your child, as a parent, always appreciate the good person inside them. Expressing “You are a good person” can empower your child to rise above negative judgments from society. It boosts their confidence in their positive qualities and encourages them to overcome any negative experiences they may encounter.

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6. You are special:

This is significant. Your child is undoubtedly important and special to you. However, have you verbally expressed to your child, “You are Special,” recently? If not, today is the perfect day to do so. Utter those golden words and boost your child’s self-esteem. A warm hug with those words will be the perfect dose of energy your child needs.

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7. Listen to your instincts:

Engage your child with numerous questions when they come to you with a problem. After the question-and-answer session, guide them to listen to their instincts. Explain that instincts can sometimes succeed and sometimes fail. Encouraging them to “Listen to your instincts” is an incredible way to foster self-awareness of their thoughts and emotions. It empowers them to make decisions based on their own judgment, leading to a life with no regrets.

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8. That’s a great idea.

Whenever your child comes up to you with an idea, as a parent, always begin with “That’s a great idea” as your first response. Subsequently, you can discuss the pros and cons of the idea. This approach ensures that your child feels encouraged to express their imaginations and fascinations openly.

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9. You make me smile:

When you sense your child is lost, feeling negative, discouraged, or low, here’s the mantra to follow. Embrace them with a tight hug, make them feel special, and express that they are the reason for your smile. Let them know they are the sunshine of your life. Witness the magic that unfolds in your child once these words are spoken.

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10. Follow your dreams:

We felt immense joy when our mom or dad always said, “Follow your dreams.” Let’s carry on this legacy. As parents, let’s consistently tell and encourage our children to “Follow their Dreams.” Never let them feel insignificant about their aspirations. Every dream is a powerful vision for life. Let’s fill their lives with the pursuit of their dreams.


Independence is a crucial aspect of parenting; your child wants to hear that you guide them to make their own decisions, learn from their mistakes, and take ownership of their actions. By providing them with the tools to navigate life independently, we equip them with the confidence to pursue their dreams and aspirations fearlessly.

Parenting is a journey filled with dedication, patience, and endless love. Your child wants to hear that you are present in their lives, actively supporting their growth, and celebrating their uniqueness. As parents, we play a significant role in shaping the character and values of our children. Our aim is to equip them with the emotional intelligence and strength to thrive not only during times of joy but also during the trials and tribulations that life may present.

In the end, witnessing our child’s happiness, positivity, and independence is the greatest reward of parenting. Your child wants to hear that it reflects the culmination of your efforts and the foundation you laid to help them face life’s challenges with resilience and grace. As we watch them grow into confident and compassionate individuals, we find fulfillment in knowing that we have played a vital role in shaping their journey towards a fulfilling and purposeful life.

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