8 Love Sentences Every Mother Should Teach Her Child

Love is an expression, an emotion, a feeling that needs to be taught to a child right from the beginning. It’s not natural for a child to not be able to receive or get love from his/her near and dear ones. But, often, while raising kids we forget to teach them how to love. Do we tell them the meaning of love, or should we create a situation for them to be able to witness how love exists in little things we say and do? How to teach your child about love? These 8 love sentences can come handy.

The words in these sentences about life and love can best explain L-O-V-E to a child who is growing up emotionally and physically. For me, the best sentence of love is ‘I love you’, and I am pretty much waiting for Brat H to say it back to me. However, there is time for that. A lot of time to hear this ONE sentence from him. At the moment, he doesn’t quite understand the words or the meaning this strong statement holds. 

8 Love sentences every mother should teach her child:

Whatever is for real, is love.

Love sentences teach child 01

Don’t judge people, not even once. If you will do so, you will never have time to leave any scope for love.

Don't judge people

You will only understand my love for you that day when in your arms you will hold your own flesh and blood.

Love sentences teach child 03

My little one, don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.

Love sentences teach child 04

Fall in love a million times, but each time you fall in love, don’t forget to love deeply, madly, like crazy.

Fall in love a million times

Save your ‘I Love You’ for the one you really feel love for.

Love sentences teach child 06

Fall in love with an honest smile, a good book, and a lot of happy music.

Love sentences teach child 07

Fall in love with a cold winter morning, hot summer sun, dry autumn trees and damp rainy days. They may be harsh, but there is a beauty of love hidden in there.

Fall in love with a cold winter morning

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